Essay on My Trip to Hawaii

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  • Published: 28 April 2021
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“Ding!” My alarm woke me up at 6 a.m. as our trip was just awaiting us. In over an hour, we would be on a plane heading to Hawaii, for our spring break vacation which I have been counting down for a whole year now. Because I have been looking forward to this day, I am well prepared with information about several of the islands there. My family and I never traveled over the breaks throughout school years, but this was our first one, and I couldn’t be more stoked to visit the gorgeous islands of Maui and the capital of Honolulu. At last, I would finally have a getaway from the winter months here in New Jersey.

After several hours on the plane, we finally landed in Hawaii. We grabbed our luggage, and hopped inside a cab, where we started our drive to the beautiful resort that was awaiting us.  The second we pulled in, there were already a handful of porters wearing colorful leis around their necks, prepared to assist us as our vacation was about to begin. As we stepped out of the car, a man with a floral, collared shirt, and a woman wearing a hula skirt greeted us by putting colorful leis around our necks, saying, “Aloha. I am Makoa and this is my sister Kai. We will be your tour guides and assistants for whatever you may need here during your stay!” 

My mother responded, “Nice to meet you. I’m Erin, and this is my daughter ,Ava, my son Corey, and my husband, Jon.” After we introduced ourselves, they nicely brought us to our hotel room, and there we decided to head straight to the beach. Makoa and Kai showed us to our mini plane that they would be guiding us on, which was about to take us to our first spot, “One of the main islands, Maui.” (Britannica) When we arrived, we quickly put our beach items next to us on the sand, and truly took in the “blue seas, colorful flowers, palm trees, and waterfalls” that were surrounding us. (Wester and Boylan)

After the first, beautiful day in the sands, our second day would consist of a trip to the  “Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.” We would get a close up look at the island, and volcano, that happens to be near the same place where we are staying. (Badertscher) Kai and Makoa were supposed to meet us by the entrance of the resort, and would take us there right away. Although after waiting about fifteen minutes, they never showed up. I started to get nervous on whether or not they were ok or if they would even show their faces at all. After what felt like the longest minutes of my life, Makoa and Kai had finally arrived, although they had not seemed as bubbly compared to the first day we met them.My mother quickly asked, “Is everything alright?” 

Kai explained, “We just got news that the volcano is active, and we must evacuate the area right away!”

“Oh no!” I thought to myself and expressed a sorrowful feeling. As my brother, dad, and I sprinted up stairs to gather our belongings like all the other hotel guests, my mom made as many calls as possible to see if there were any hotels farther away that we could stay at.

A few minutes later, my mother entered our room and said, there is no space anywhere for us to stay at. The only option is to take the next flight home which would be leaving in two hours. As I listened to the news, I already could picture the devastating outcome; we would most likely have to leave Hawaii. Just as I expected, my parents confirmed the news, and we had to get out of the hotel right away. We brought our belongings to the lobby, where there was a cab awaiting us, which had Kai and Makoa standing right aside. “We are truly sorry that your vacation did not last long, although we enjoyed meeting you and we hope you enjoyed your brief time here.” “Thank you for all the help,” my mother replied. We hopped in the cab and drove straight to the airport. Those two hours flew by, and before I knew it, we were already heading home to New Jersey. Sitting in the twentieth row of this average sized plane, feeling gloomy and upset, I truly was so glad that I finally got a chance to go to my dream vacation spot, even though it was brief. For the rest of the flight, I continued to look out the small, oval-like window, in hopes that I would get to come here again one day and have a chance to learn even more about the “Aloha State.”



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