Essay on My Summer Trip

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  • Published: 25 June 2021
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It was a warm Friday summer morning I looked up at the sky towards the west and it was dark with few stars still sparkling in the sky. I looked towards the east and it was both shades of cool colors such as violets and blues transitioning into the soothing warm colors that match the weather of orange and faint reds, not a cloud in the sky no chance for rain which meant this trip was off to a great start. I grabbed my bags that I had packed the night before and flung them into the back of my SUV that was in desperate need for a car wash. I made my way over to my friend Victoria’s house she lived in a spacious house with a well-groomed rose garden in the front lawn, she lived in a peaceful neighborhood. Going over to Victoria's house because she had elderly neighbors whom I enjoyed seeing they always seemed to be outside on their lawn, doing some type of cleaning up to their garden and it was clear they found pleasure in doing so considering they would stand outside in this type of heat for hours. 

I made my way up the rock pavements and when I rang the doorbell, I heard it echo in the house after a couple of seconds had went by, I heard thumping I assumed it was Victoria coming down the stairs, and I was correct because shortly after I heard her unlock the door and greet me with a smile. She asked me to give her just a few more minutes to get ready and I did just that and waited for her in the car. I had parked not too far from her house, but the spot I seemed to have parked in was where the sun decided to shine the brightest and where the suns heat was unbearable. Waiting for Victoria to come out seemed to take forever and with that the car ended up being extremely humid and the air conditioner being broken the only other option was to open up all the windows and allow the slight change of cool temperature coming from outside and the sudden breeze that would come every so often and allow the left side of my body to catch a break from the blistering feeling the sun was giving me. 

Los Angeles seemed to be a beautiful city with great attractions and bright lights and we were going to really experience that tomorrow after we had settled in. We had not eaten all day, so we were wandering around the streets trying to find a place to eat. The sun had finally come and made the city seem more alive now and with that it put us in the right mood. It had taken us a while to find the right place to eat because we had gotten lost. We weren’t looking for anything too fancy to eat at and with our luck we stumbled upon a small café, we went inside and there was this elderly lady working behind the cash register and seemed to be running everything by herself until a man that appeared young enough to be her Grandson. The lady had the sweetest smile and eyes glistening she acted young compared to how she looked but her enthusiasm made the room light up. 

We grabbed our food and made our way to the house we would be staying in and this time making our way there didn’t make me feel like I was going to have to wring my shirt from all the sweat I had since the sun was starting to go bad down and all the colors that I had seen that morning were making another appearance in the sky but this time I had the chance to capture the sight off my camera. While I did that Victoria ran up to go take a hold of the biggest room. I didn’t bother unpacking in a tidy fashion but rather dumping my clothes out of my bag seemed more of my style. Victoria on the other hand placed all her folded clothes in her closet neatly. It had taken us a while to get all ur stuff together, but we had planned to order food and watch a movie on the balcony. When the food had arrived, we went out and wrapped ourselves with blankets from how surprisingly cold it had gotten.  The sun went down, but the city never did something about the night seemed so special. We had to turn the volume on the movie all the way up because the sirens and honking from the street was so loud. I woke up from the sound of a bird near by on a palm tree and looked up at the sky and saw that the sun had come out to paint its canvas among the horizon once again.



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