Essay on My Family and My Biggest Motivation

Essay on My Family and My Biggest Motivation
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📌Published: 24 April 2021

In my entire 17, almost 18, years of life I have felt my time has been priceless but an extremely overriding way to adulthood. The lessons I have learned over the course of my life I still will always hold close to my heart. There are still many things out there for me to learn and to shape me into being a higher quality person. I can pull a handful of experiences both good and bad that have impacted me immensely to the point where it really changed me to the person I am today. Taking the positive things out of all of my significant life experiences have made me a well built, individualist young woman. 

Growing up as the eldest of four sisters to a single mother nothing has been simply handed to me. I would always try my hardest to make my mother proud and become a positive role model my sisters could look up to. I was always helpful to my mother, whether it was taking care of my younger siblings or cleaning the house. From a young age I had learned to as well as keep school my main priority along with my extracurriculars. Having my mother always motivate me stirred a special love I had for school and sports. Ever since I transferred to Lemoore High School I have been involved in multiple clubs, organizations and, sports.

I have been a part of the Future Farmers of America, Health Occupations, Yearbook, Sports Medicine, and have also been on the Varsity Track and Field team since my sophomore year as well as competing in two years of waterpolo my junior and senior year. During my first year of track, I placed for 1st in Frosh girls triple jump and tied for 3rd place in Frosh girls pole vault. All my advisors and coaches have a big part in who I have become to this day. My track coaches specifically have a special place in my heart. I was proven wrong by them when I did not see myself as strong. Having the continuous love and support helped me persevere through hard times on and off the track. Being involved in multiple organizations throughout my high school campus has been rewarding to say the least. 

Throughout my high school academic career, I have taken multiple AP courses and completing 3 AP tests. This year I had found my passion which is helping people with physical disabilities. Working at the local nursing home has opened my eyes to a whole new career I would have never known. Watching the resident's overtime start to walk and hold utensils when at the beginning of their therapy program they have severe difficulty doing these daily tasks was very humbling. I am planning to attend Fresno Pacific University and join their Pre- Occupational Therapy program and obtain my Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy. Helping people of all ages get their independence and mobility back will be the most rewarding thing of all. Seeing your patients overcome obstacles and trying time and time again is something I can’t wait for . Having such a repaying job will make me one of the happiest people on Earth.

I always present the best version of myself to others. My positive outlook will benefit me not only now but for the rest of my life. With my family as my biggest motivation, I want nothing but to make them proud and help them strive for greatness. No matter what knocks me down I always come back and conquer the issue, whether big or small. Perseverance is the initial key to success and I believe I have what it takes. I would like to thank you for considering me for this wonderful scholarship.


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