Essay on Music in the 1980s

Essay on Music in the 1980s
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Parachute pants? Mc Hammer? Scrabble? These are all parts of the 1980s that shaped fashion entertainment and music. The world would not be the same as it is today if we did not have as much technology. Which leads the way for focusing on other things like music and fashion. Even though the 1980s did not have all the technology we have today there are still many exciting things in this decade like their fashion, music, and what they did for fun.

According to (harpersbazaar), fashion in the 1980s was known to be very striking and luminous, because of bright neon colors and an “eccentric” style of clothes. Some famous things at the time were parachute pants they were pants that had extra fabric around the crotch ( liketotally80s). Also scrunchies, a rubber band with fabric around it, or fingerless gloves, gloves where your fingertips are exposed (complex style). The fingerless gloves keep your hand warm but are able to be more motorized with your hands. Scrunchies add a pop of color to any outfit and look way better than a rubber band. People wore high top shoes and penny loafers. High top shoes are very similar to sneakers but cover more of your foot. Penny loafers are more of a dressy shoe to be worn with dress pants or other dressy outfits for men. 

Music, one of the many pastimes of the 1980s. With 2 famous genres of music called hip hop and rap, many musicians became famous in this decade carrying through the 1990s. Some influential singers at the time are Michael Jackson, Mc hammer, and prince (ranker). Some of these people impacted fashions because their style on stage leapt into the crowd and became fashion trends. For example, Mc Hammer made parachute pants famous (mentalfloss). They also created many influencial songs that you still might hear on the radio today like “Man in the Mirror'' from Michael Jackson or “How will I Know” by Whitney Houston or your parents might sing them.

We spend our free time in different ways than the people in the 1980s. In the 1980s people did things like reading, board games, and dancing (liketotally80s). They played board games like monopoly and scrabble, a game in which you try to make words. Also, reading books like Harry Potter was a big pastime. They also did many things similar to us like playing video games even though not as developed they played games like Mario, donkey kong, and Zelda (madamenoire).

As you can see, 1980s fashion was similar and different to our fashion now. Which impacted Music that has also changed in many ways from what is popular to how they created it. How we spend our free time is very different from the 80s because of all the technological advancement, but is it for the better or worse?


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