Essay on Mass Shootings in America

Everyday it feels like we as Americans are hearing about another awful mass shootings occurring all over our country. Mass shootings as a whole are not seeming to slow down with new laws being put in place. One statistic that really speaks volume being that, “Americans are 25 times more likely to die from gun homicide than people in other wealthy countries”. This stat really conveys that America is actually dangerous for your chances to be literally 25 times more likely than all other wealthy countries. The frequent happenings of mass shootings can be lowered through the use of biometric identification, thorough background checks, and laws on the people instead of guns.

Biometric identification may not be the newest technology but analysts are beginning to suggest that the application to guns may a strong way to combat certain crimes. The media suggests that, Biometric identification may not stop people who have purchased their guns legally, but it will stop people committing crimes with stolen guns (Gregory and Wilson). The technology for this new advancement is already out there and has been out there a little more than a decade. Although some small companies have produced this concept, there are no true options that are being widely produced that regular consumers can easily purchase or obtain.

The benefits may out way the problems, but big issues still arise. On the other hand, any type of technology can possibly fail when you need it most. As of now, “It is too easy for an individual to obtain weapons that are designed to kill a large number of victims in a short amount of time” (Kettering). The use of biometric weapons could and would limit the illegal use of guns in mass shootings and even daily overlooked shootings. Although we may not see biometric weapons integrated into consumer markets, it could indeed be a way of the future.

The background check conducted before you get a gun may be extensive now, but there are measures that can be taken to ensure it’s thoroughness. Reports suggest that, “There are a handful of policies that could reduce the likelihood of such events, or reduce the number of people killed when such shootings do occur. And several of them have strong public support”. These policies are not so far off either they could easily come into effect at any point in time. The current gun laws and policies are always changing to the new opinions and ideas surrounding the topic of gun control.

New ideas cause a different inflow of viewpoints and when majority believes in a different method, majority wins. Studies show, “A dangerous gap in our federal gun laws lets people buy guns without passing a background check. Under current law, unlicensed sellers—people who sell guns online, at gun shows, or anywhere else without a federal dealer’s license—can transfer firearms without having to run any background check whatsoever” (Giffords). This is currently one of the biggest loopholes in the process of obtaining a firearm. You are able to skip the prerequisite background check and immediately go right into owning your own firearm.

Currently in the United States, with all these commonly occurring mass shootings there is talk about making gun laws stricter. A study was done and, In general the public is more open and  accepting of restricting the laws on people rather than the laws on the guns themselves (Sanger-Katz and Bui). The idea of laws on people rather than guns is an interesting concept because it could work if the laws were properly written and decided on among the masses.

People with evil intentions will always find a loophole in legally purchasing guns. This will stay that way until there is a law put in place restricting the mentally unstable from purchasing guns, without tests being done to verify their saneness. Although people may well find another way of getting a gun, whether it’s legal or not. Putting laws on people rather than guns would still positively affect the general gun violence plague ravaging through the states.

Frequent mass shootings can be cut in half through the use of biometric identification, thorough background checks, and laws on people rather than guns. Biometric may not be the way to fully rule out gun violence, but it can sure enough help with shootings happening with illegal obtained guns. Also, the loopholes in gun laws need to be closed, causing the possible criminals the inability to obtain one legally. Last but not least, laws on guns could be lightened in some areas, but instead those same laws be used to combat people committing these heinous acts. If we choose to let the world continue to go as it is going, there will be chaos for years to come. It is evident that changes need to be made for the betterment of our country and the safety of our country, but will these actually be implemented is the real question.



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