Essay on Islam Religion: Peace vs Violence

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  • Published: 20 June 2021
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Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity, containing about 1.8 billion Muslims. However, in the contemporary society, people are usually arguing whether Islam is a peaceful or a violence religion. As we all know, they had a lot of terrorist attacks. But that does not mean they are completely violence. Hence, I firmly believe that Islam is a peaceful religion. 

Islam believe in Mohammad and Allah, and they are full of enthusiasm for life. “When you say ‘Islam is a religion of peace,’ you are talking about the system or the religion from its inception.” (Dargan Thompson, Jun 16, 2016) So it is claimed that Islam is a peaceful religion when it began. However, there was always a group of people who misunderstand the true meaning and true belief of Islam. Therefore, they don’t represent the idea of Islam. They do not respect other religions and started to make some dangerous attacks to the world. This reason was the biggest reason why Islam were doing violence things. But this group of people have misunderstood Islam and their violent beliefs cannot prove the violence of Islam.

Second, “The word Islam as a noun, is a system of beliefs revealed by Allah to Muhammad. But as a verbal form Islam is derived from the infinitive of transitive four category verbs namely ‘if’al’, Islam is ‘ef’ale-yüf’ilu’s infinitive form. The root of this too comes (derives) from the infinitive Arabic trilateral root of silm, salamet  (peace and security).” (Hayati Aydin, June 26, 2008). The origin meaning of the religion of Islam means peace and security, it proves that Islam was a peaceful religion more. Therefore, with this evidence. The people of Islam in the previous time was definitely peaceful.

Third and last , “There are over a billion Muslims in the world, and the great majority of them are peaceful, moderate practitioners of mainstream Islam. Also, the Muslims who have succumbed to violence are motivated by politics, not religion.” ( Maajid Nawaz and Zeba Khan, October 6, 2010) With this aspect, only a minority of Islam who doesn’t misunderstood the truth of Islam as I mentioned at first are violence, who created the 9/11 attacks and other terrestrial attacks. However, we cannot say that the whole Islam are violence. Moreover, Islam is a religion. The violence side are motivated by politics, this is nothing to do with Islam “religion”. Plus, this violence was only for the revenge. We have to clarify that revenge is not active, so I believe that the heart of Islam are pure and peace.

Admittedly, Islam’s terrestrial attack was extremely fierce, it caused a big effect of the world. Especially 9/11 attacks. It’s brutality. But, I still firmly believe that Islam is a peaceful religion from its “fountain head”.



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