Essay on The illegal Immigrants of the united States

Essay on The illegal Immigrants of the united States
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

When you hear “Illegal Immigrants” you might think that we should kick them out and they are harmful to the society. However, they have lives too and there is a reason why they are called illegal. Don’t you agree? Mostly the children of such immigrants are U.S. citizens; almost six million of them, under the age of 18 live with a parent or family member who is undocumented. Consequently, immigration enforcement actions—and the ongoing threats associated with them—have significant physical, emotional, developmental, and economic repercussions on the children left behind. Deportations of parents and family members have serious consequences that affect children and extend to communities and the country as a whole (American Immigration Council). Therefore, illegal immigrants who have already live in that country should have an option to file an asylum because they would already have established their life and if they are asked to go back to where they came from, then it would harm them financially and emotionally.

However, some might say that illegal immigrants will act as a burden to society and political government because of their low income and special needs. They will also harm the country because of their illegal-ness and therefore conclude that shouldn’t get asylum. They only assume this because of the word, ”illegal”. For example, they may contend that “Some immigration-rights advocates explain this uptick by pointing at world events—environmental devastation, gang activity and political volatility in much of Central America” (TIME). Those who believe this will say that Trump has done the right thing of deploying thousands of troops to keep the illegal immigrants from reaching the Southern Border. This is indeed an understandable concern, however, we as citizens of a country should realize that they won’t harm us if we don’t harm them. After all, they have also have life and emotions/feelings and there is a reason why they are who they are. 

At first, if the government tells the illegal immigrants to leave, as it will be hardship on then to leave most of their belongings in that country. “4.1 million U.S. citizen children under the age of 18 live with at least one undocumented parent” (American Immigration Council). The kids will be separated from their parents and this will affect them drastically as they will struggle to find shelter, good school/source of education and knowledge. TIME magazine reported that “A family of five have been caught crossing the border, who have seeked asylum”. From the above facts, it is evident that migrants enter a country to have a fresh start in their  life. Nevertheless to say, it isn’t ethical to send them back to their home country.

Additionally, if the government tells the illegal immigrants to leave then it will also affect them emotionally as they will lose their family, kids, other relatives and friends. These losses will be the cause of an ongoing dominoes effect and emotional distress in the person undergoing these circumstances. ”Since late 2016, doctors and service providers have reported anecdotally that they have seen more children exhibiting stress- and anxiety-related behavioral changes” (American Immigration Council). This is really heartbreaking as it affects them in all part of their life. It also brings trauma to the victim’s lives and ongoing effect on their self-esteem. Further, TIME brings up a good point ”Many travel as families with young children and babies. Do Americans really want to become a nation that jails hundreds of thousands of impoverished families in makeshift camps along its southern border” (TIME). It is literally saying that why do we have to jail thousands of immigrants for no real reason and waste money to build more jails. After all, it is too much work for the government too, right?

These immigrants who we call “illegal” should be given the freedom to file for asylum, as they would already have rooted their life in that country and if they are asked to go back, then it would harm them monetarily and mentally. The kids will be separated from their parents and struggle to provide a good future for themselves and plus, when immigrants essentially enter a country, there would be a reason for their migration. Further, not allowing asylum would affect them emotionally as it will cause mental distress and ongoing trauma. Again, jailing them will only be a waste of time and money. Thus, we should take action right away and spread the word on social media and through the world to create a global awareness of asylum access for illegal immigrants.


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