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In 1941 it all began. The genocide also known as the Holocaust. Killing about 6 million Jews including children, adults, and elderly. Elie Wiesel has interpreted his personal story on the Holocaust in two ways. A speech at the White House called Perils of Indifference. Writing a short book called Night that touched millions. Perils of Indifference speech illustrates the short explanation of his personal experience and explaining indifference. Including his gratitude for the American soldiers that had saved him and many others. It also explained about how they should never forget this horrible genocide and make sure it won’t happen in the near future.

Perils of Indifference also explained about choosing to be indifferent to the suffering of others only leads to more suffering. More discrimination and more grief. In the book Night by Elie Wiesel tells the story when he was a young boy and his family. Explaining the horrible bloodshed, torture, and abuse. The book Night sets in Transylvania, Romania 1941. In-depth detail of how the Germans treated the Jewish, where they were transported and held hostage and treated like animals. I personally believe that Perils of Indifference told his personal experience and the message that he was going for better than Night. This being that the speech gave a much upfront answer, rather reading the entire book and trying to figure out where the true meaning was.

The book Night has an effective way of delivering Wiesel’s message because it is more detailed with depth and tells the full story. The main message Wiesel’s was trying to get out was that being indifferent. This was showed in the book because the Germans were indifferent to the Jewish. The Jewish got treated like animals. Discrimination and grief were showed plenty of times. From vandalizing Jewish operated business to burning synagogues. Of course, discrimination is showed a ton. There are tons of anti-semitic posters and grief done to the Jewish community.  The book Night tells his family and Wiesel’s full experience from day to day routine.

From the start of the book, it is exceptionally illustrated because it starts out with where they are located and describing the scene and environment. Night is also effective because it illustrates how Wiesel’s family and other Jews how they got treated by the Germans. The Jewish were transported throughout Europe and ended up into German concentration camps. From going to different countries to the center of Germany. Another reason the book Night illustrates the Holocaust and his message better than the Perils of Indifference is that it told a detailed day routine and told Wiesel’s thought process. The book also gave little sections that showed being indifferent. “People refused not only to believe his stories but even listen to him” (Wiesel 7). This showed indifference because the people thought he was insane and would not even bother listening to him. “The old man mumbled something,  groaned, and died. Nobody cared.” This is another example of indifference because nobody tried to help or seem to care. 

The Perils of Indifference has also had an effective message as well. The speech has explained Wiesel’s message in a much more brief version compared to the 100-page book Night. Perils of Indifference was delivering his message in a much shorter and more upfront than the book Night. The main message Elie Wiesel was trying to say is that being indifferent can be suffering to others which only leads to more suffering, more discrimination, and more grief. The speech was more up front. In the book, you would have to read the entire book and figure out where the true meaning is. To explain this more Wiesel defines indifference in the speech.

Defining it as “Indifferent to that suffering is what makes the human being inhuman. Indifference, after all, is more dangerous than anger and hatred”. “Indifference, then, is not only a sin, it is a punishment”(Wiesel). This is an effective way of delivering the message because it is referring indifference towards the Jews. Saying that the Jews are getting severely punished and being treated like animals. The Jewish barely obtained any control or power with the Germans. The only task they could do is to obey their commands. This applies to the meaning of indifference. Another reason why the Perils of Indifference is an effective way of telling Wiesel’s message. Is that it was given through truthful manner. The speech was truthful rather in the book. Although the book may be truthful or not, the speech was settled in the White House with many high ranking officials. This being that Wiesel’s message was brought in a more veracity manner. Perils of Indifference speech was also rather not exaggerated, in the book there was plenty of exaggeration. Since the speech was given to the public and high ranking officials, it was more in a serious manner. 

Perils of Indifference had a better effective way of delivering Wiesel’s message better than the book Night. The speech is more effective because it gives a more upfront answer and more recognized. A quote that supports being more recognized is “Indifference to that suffering is what makes the human being inhuman. Indifference, after all ,is more dangerous that anger and hatred”(Wiesel). This was the main message that Wiesel was trying to bring out. It was more effective because it gave a right away answer. Instead you would have to read the book and find out where the true meaning was.

The speech was also recognizable because It also gave a straight answer of what he was trying to get out. In the book it talked about indifference in small parts of the book which you had to read to find it. The second reason why Perils of Indifference was better explaining his message. Is that his messages were more serious and dignified. In the Perils of Indifference, Wiesel said “And now, I stand before, Mr.President —- Commander in Chief of the army that freed me, and then of thousands of others — and I am filled with a profound and abiding gratitude to the American people”(Wiesel). This shows the seriousness and how dignified Wiesel was to the people in the White House. This supports the second reason why Perils of Indifference had an effective way of delivering his message.

To end this essay. Was Night or Perils of Indifference told Wiesel’s message more effectively? As a writer I think that Perils of Indifference told his message more effectively. To restate why Perils of Indifference is better than Night , is that it was more serious, dignified , upfront answer, and recognized. Why should you care? The Holocaust is a saddening dark event that has happened to the fellow Jewish community. Over 6 million Jewish have been killed and we should remember those people that have suffered. As a society in 2019 we should never forget and disembark this horrible genocide.



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