Essay on Good Character that Students Should Have

It is expected that most of the people who live in this world want a successful life. Before success, all the students have a lot of good character and steps needed to be positive, and can not let negative mind control us. Optimism and honesty are two principles of character that will help them achieve future goals of having successful life. 

First of all, “optimism” is one of the good characters that can support future goals. The reason optimism is important, people always give up things easily when they were frustrated. For example, received marks after the test, the grade is awful that made students feel sad, disappointed, and heart broken. History is the hardest subject to get good marks, so all the students that have study history always feel failure, therefore optimism can help them think positively and support them to continue do something that they are not good at or have frustrations on it. Most people life is not perfect, general will have some frustration or mistake. Overall, if they do not have optimism, it is hard to reach future goals.

Furthermore, “honesty” also is one of the good characters that really important for all the students. They choice honesty, because some of them did not face their parent honestly for some reason; like mess up on their test then lied to their parent that the grade did not come out yet. As time goes by, they forgot it, and the cycle continues. As a result, it shows honesty can help them be honest to their parent, tell them the truth. In students experience, they have lied to their parent about test marks. They feel really bad cause that is not real and need to cover it carefully that feel stress and tired to always pretend. For this reason,all of them know that they need to start being honest now, to make their own feel better and not stressful.

All in all, successful life is a life that everyone desires, but still need a long way to get there. By developing optimism and honesty,everyone can have a remarkable and successful life in future waiting for them.



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