Essay on Gods in Aztec Society

There were many gods in Aztec society, there was one and sometimes multiple gods for every manner of life, one of these gods was Macuilxochitl (Macuil-xo-chtil). His name means Five Flower or Flower Prince and he was the god of flowers. Some people believe that Xochipilli was another name for him or his brother. Macuilxochitl was also known for punishing people who received excessive amounts of pleasure. He also punished people who didn’t participate in events during his festival. He was an important god to the Aztec people because he was the god of gambling and feasts, he was worshiped at the Feast of the Flower, and he could send multiple diseases to the people.

According to Aztec mythology, it is said that Macuilxochitl has red skin and he wears a large crown of feathers on his head. He usually appears from a twisted perspective and he wears red and white roundels on his ears. He has a human hand over his mouth and he has a staff with a heart pierced on it in his left hand. In his right hand, he has a flag or banner depicting a sun. In one depiction of him, according to the Florentine Codex, the right side of the page was covered by four men. It seems that three of them were playing a game and the other one was looking at Macuilxochitl. The men were clearly human due to them being depicted smaller than Macuilxochitl.

Macuilxochitl is said to be the brother of Ixtlilton (isht-LIL-tn) and Xochiquetzal (So-chee-kwet-zul). He is the husband of Mayahuel (Mah-ha-kwel) and he is closely associated with Centeotl (sent-teol-l). Macuilxochitl was usually portrayed as encouraging dancing and fun but he could send hemorrhoids to those who experience too much pleasure. As previously stated, he was worshiped at the Feast of the Flower but he was also worshiped during the Festival of Tecuilhuitintli. At the Feast of the Flower, the Aztecs fasted for four days. Once it was the fifth day a man would impersonate him and everyone would sing and dance. Then the sacrifice of the quail happened and everyone took blood from it. Then five tamales were sent to his temple and they sacrificed some captives.

Macuilxochitl is the god of gambling, feasts, and games. He was also the god of flowers, paintings, and Tabac smokers. He had the power to send hemorrhoids, boils, and venereal disease to those who received an excessive amount of pleasure and to those who did not participate in his festival. He was also the god of hemorrhoids which is why he could send them. He was also chief of the Ahuiateteo (the gods of pleasure). Along with being the god of writing, and painting, he was also the god of music and dance.

The combination of his powers, mythology, and appearance make this god an interesting one. His powers and his appearance make him important to the Aztecs. He could send diseases that affect the lower abdomen and his appearance was intimidating. As well as being the god of many things, him being the Chief of the Ahuiateo, was big because he was head of multiple gods. That is why Macuilxochitl was an important god to the Aztecs.



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