Essay on Fears. How to Become Stronger

Essay on Fears. How to Become Stronger
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

How often does a person face a fear or even a phobia that stayed with them for almost their entire life? I had an irrational fear of roller coasters. What was the reason for that, you may ask? Could it be the height, speed, or maybe you or someone else vomits; for me it was going upside down. Thinking back on it now it was silly, maybe even foolish to be terrified of roller coasters because of a simple amusement park ride. Consequently, this ride had many flips and spins, but what scared me was the thought of getting hurt on a ride again as I did years back when I was still a child. An equally important detail to mention was that the ride had no protection whatsoever, only a simple cage on an endless cycle of spins and flips that I still have a vivid recollection of. However, I did go on roller coasters with no upside-down portions in the past, but that day was a day to put an end to the fear.

The sky was spotless, but in the distance, I saw a cluster of dark clouds heading towards us. Ronnie, AJ, and I entered Six Flags with the intent of riding all the roller coasters. Initially, we began roaming around to see what we would do first. My eyes gazed at all the rides around us. “Let’s ride that roller coaster!” I suggested. Ronnie replied, "Let’s keep looking around before we ride something.” The sprinkle of rain began as we wandered. AJ sighed, “Out of all days why does it have to rain right now.” In the meantime, we played ring toss as the rain ended. Without a second thought we looked for a roller coaster we could ride before the rain began. “We should get on a ride before we get caught in the rain again,” I advised. We all agreed that we should ride a bigger roller coaster if the rain ruined our day. Furthermore, we should get on the first ride we see. However, while we were running for the ride, I couldn’t help but over-think what could happen on the ride like I usually do but at that point, I couldn’t back down from the challenge. Moreover, the line was short, so I didn’t have time to leave and clouds were approaching so this might’ve been the final coaster of the day so I didn’t want to ruin it for my friends. Finally, we got to the ride and one seat was not functioning properly so one of us would have to go alone; we played rock paper scissors, and I lost.

Consequently, I strapped into the seat with no one around me. “Bye,” I waved to my friends as I believed I was heading straight towards my doom. Eventually, after being seated the seats rose and the harness became immovable even as I tugged. Without question, I was slightly relieved due to this fact, but could not stop the shaking in my feet. All I could think about was the situation I had somehow gotten myself into but before I could reflect the more I had begun moving. Ultimately, I could not do anything else in this situation except living it out, thus causing me to focus on anything else but the lingering thought of the unlikely scenario of disaster. Click, click, click, the tracks rattled as I went up.

My legs were shivering as I climbed up; all I could see was the vast blue sky in the summer afternoon, then I felt as if I was in slow motion. I turn and see the skyline of Six Flags Great America. I want to shut my eyes but can’t an overwhelming feeling of excitement and adrenaline hit me, but I cannot contain the butterflies in my stomach. Staring straight down the tracks for an eternity, I look to the left and right but there is—CLICK! All thoughts clear from my mind—Whoosh—AHHHH. The adrenaline fills me, I cannot keep a grin off my face; I enjoyed it! X-Flight ran its course and when I finally get off my watch Ronnie and AJ get off on the next time around. I exclaimed,” What should we go on next”?


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