Essay Example on Choices in Modern Society

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  • Published: 03 September 2021
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In modern society I believe that we are limited in the choices we can make. Meaning, we are not free to do whatever we desire and will have to face the consequences. And the consequences might not be to our liking and will most likely limit us in the choices we can make. Besides the consequences of our actions, there are also other factors limiting the decisions we can make. Some are, financial situation, a place that you live in and its laws, and your health.    

One might argue that we are free to make our own decisions by doing what ever we want to do or by making whatever decisions we want to make. Well, if we do whatever we want to do at one point we will have to face the consequences of our actions which will most likely limit the choices that we can make. For instance, a person decides to run a red light, now he is pulled by the cops and is warned not to do it again. However, if he keeps on running the red light, he will eventually have to deal with the consequences in this case probably death by an accident or jail. And being in jail will cause his choices and decisions to be extremely limited. Therefore, he is not free to make his own decisions.

A persons financial situation can also play a major role in the decisions he/she can make. People with different amounts of money can afford different things. For example, a family with a lower salary rate will not be able to afford the same things as a family with a higher salary rate. Another factor that can affect the choices you can make is the place you live in and its rules and regulations.  For example, in Singapore you cannot chew gum outside in public.  If you, do you will have to give a fine. Therefore, you do not have the choice of eating gum in Singapore since it is illegal. 

Like financial situation and living in a place with rules, health can also affect the choices you can make. People who are obese might not be able to eat the same things that people who are healthy can eat. They also might not be able to do certain activities because of being overweight. Another example could be that people with diabetes will have to control their sugar and limit their sugar consumption.

There are many factors in modern society that limit our choices like, the consequences of our actions, health, financial situation, and the place you live in and its rules. It all depends on different factors. In conclusion, in modern world society we are not free to do whatever we desire and have to follow and abide by  the rules, regulations, and the consequences to our own actions.


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