Essay on Donald Trump Administration and His Violations of Laws

Lately, the Trump Administration has undermined the Rule of Law and is causing the downfall of the United States, and the rise of debate. The Rule of Law is the principle that all people are accountable to the law, and that it is fairly applied and enforced. While the rule of law protects our rights, it is also crucial to a functioning democracy. Most simply put, the rule of law’s four basic principles applies to even the most substantial government officials or leaders and ensures that laws are transparently created, not just by powerful leaders. Donald Trump, the current president, has profusely violated and assaulted all of the fundamental principles of the rule of law and is demeaning the value of our government and constitution.

Trump is placing himself above the law and the citizens of our country by disobeying the rule of law and it’s four principles. Robert Reich believes Trump is going against the idea the rule of law applies to everyone in many forms, through his actions, media, and speeches. According to Reich, the first principle states that no person is above the law, even the president, but Trump clearly violates this in many instances. For example, Trump fired an attorney and hired whom he thinks is an experienced attorney to prevent an investigation regarding his illegal acts, indicating that he put himself above the law because of his power, money, and social status (Reich). Reich informs us that Sessions was replaced by Matthew Whitaker, who only disapproved of the investigation and falsely justified Trump’s mindless decisions.

His article states that the second principle says that the president can’t prosecute political opponents or critics, disrespecting the security of persons, property, and certain human rights, but Trump clearly counteracts this by pushing charges against Clinton during his campaign. Trump was threatening to prosecute her once elected, clearly showing that he is violating the rule of law (Reich). Reich asserts that the third principle deals with the judiciary and the president must be respectful of it. He also informs us that Trump has only done the opposite by openly mocking judges, fueling debate over social media, with supporters and opponents participating in the discussion of Trump and his actions. Trump’s argument was counteracted by John Roberts, who said that we were given an attentive group of judges showing no bias, and who only want to create an equal and fair society (Reich). Information shows that Trump shot back on John Roberts, stating that we do indeed have judges leaning towards the left, and is threatening towards the safety of our country. In the article in the Law Dictionary, the rule of law says that the government, along with citizens are accountable under the law, and that law enforcement should be fair, but evidence shows that Trump has found his way around admitting his mistakes and owning up to his destructive actions (Four Pillars).

Veronica Bondarenko reminds us that much attention has been brought to Trump and his violation of the rule of law affirming that he not only places himself above the law but makes a strong effort to enforce it on others (Bondarenko). Her research indicates that Trump using the derogatory term “enemy of the people” is disrespectful towards the rule of law. His little knowledge on the history of the term is only another example, contributing to the downfall of our society and democracy as a whole (Bondarenko). She finishes by informing us that the term’s influential history used by dictators to belittle governments, parties, and dissenters, shows that Trump’s use of the term doesn’t come close to the intended meaning, but instead delegitimizing the importance of the term. Trump violates the rule of law by demeaning to the value of the press, going against the freedom of speech, thus violating the rule of law (Bondarenko). Not only is Trump carries on with violating the rule of law, but is causing the downfall of our democracy and continues to rise above us all. 

Trump’s influential choices are deteriorating the structure and power of our democracy and show controversial traits against the rule of law is equally enforced to all citizens, disregarding power, wealth, or social status. Thomas Carothers believes that his violation is leading our country into ruination, he believes “under Trump, U.S. democracy policy has reached its lowest ebb in forty years, and if we continue this course for two more years, it will be stranded on the sidelines, or even on the wrong side, of the global democratic struggle” (Carothers). With Trump’s defiance of the rule of law, our democracy will grow to become a subtle but hazardous republic over time (Carothers).

His research indicates that with trump praising dictators and criticizing allies, we hold a great threat to our democracy. Carothers finished by noting that our democracy has been nonfunctional and inefficient for the longest time, and to restore our fallen democracy, it will call for a commitment from the citizens of our country not as individuals, but as a whole. In an article by Brennan Center for Justice, they state that another way trump has violated the rule of law is by attacking the courts, circling back to specifically the first principle, that no one is above the law. The article says that when Trump disagrees with rulings, he attacks judges and courts, which has been consistently proved since his presidential campaign. When Trump violates the rule of law and rises to power, it protests the idea of check and balances of the three branches, and the power is no longer balanced, which is threatening towards the structure and the system of our government (In His Own Words).

The study summarizes that with Trump as an important figure and the representative of our country, it is crucial that he creates strong alliances and connections, makes responsible decisions, and most importantly follows the constitution that the country he represents worked too hard to create. In many cases, Trump has broken this and allegedly defended himself against the proven rulings of his violations (In His Own Words). For example, he responded to many accusations by pointing out the fictional flaws and biases of judges and courts, putting himself above the law, like in one tweet Trump said “you do indeed have Obama judges who show bias towards the people charged with the safety of our country” (In His Own Words). The author well reflects in the article that Trump and his actions are causing a series of problems by violating the rule of law and is demeaning the purpose of the government and constitution, which protect the natural rights of the people, promotes the rule of law, and ensures a fair and just society by creating a healthy economy. Trump’s impulsive actions have diminished our strong democracy and laws, and is leading us towards the imperceptible path of a dictatorship, and should not be condoned. 

While some may believe Trump is clearly corroding the structure of our government, some oppose to this idea and surmise that Trump’s actions not only don’t come close to disrespecting our country but has restored the checks and balances that Obama broke. David Harsanyi thinks Trump's acts are often unpresidential and coarse and may have a tendency to stretch and twist facts, but the pervasive claim that he violated the rule of law is simply false (Harsanyi). Harsanyi notes that Trump hasn’t shut down a single investigation of himself or others. He also says that sometimes Trump is inaccurate, but he has the right to accuse people of bias, and if anything, he follows the guidelines of the rule of law.

Harsanyi stresses that if people don’t like the president, the people have the power to impeach him. While this may be easily misunderstood, Trump resisting the rule of law creates a powerful clutch on the citizens of our country while he rises to power. Trump has created many opinions on his violation of the rule of law, but many resources clearly show his violation and the current and future effects of his actions are deteriorating our healthy democracy. Trump’s actions are controversial to the idea of the rule of law, but it is clear that Trump has violated the rule of law and is downgrading the value of our country. 

Trump has abundantly assaulted the principles of the rule of law and is degrading the value of our government and constitution.  Through speeches, tweets, media, and other outlet’s, Trump have profusely given us evidence of his violations, including his use of the term enemy of the people, which assault’s the importance of the freedom of press and speech, thus violating the rule of law. His lawless actions give obvious evidence of his assault of the rule of law. He also counteracts the Brandenburg case by persistently inciting anger, which infringes upon our constitution, and the rule that no person of power is above the law. All of these acts divide our country by our political opinions, creating bias and causing our government to fall into chaos. Trump’s revolt on the rule of law is harmful to the power of the people and the balanced power of our government. Will his countless threatening and immature decisions play an immense role in the future of our country?



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