Essay on College Athletes. How Much They Can Earn?

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  • Published: 18 June 2021
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For the many homo sapiens who work at a job, they more often than not, receive duties to perform, responsibilities to carry, and objectives to achieve. With all this unraveling, if these tasks are executed effectively, a breathtaking paycheck would be guaranteed to be waiting for these people at the end of the day. Illustrate two characters that are human: they both receive a task that they are appointed to complete by the end of the day. These two workers ended up executing their work in a breathtaking manner - their products are well done to the extent that they have the possibility of being equally successful. However, both workers receive a celebrated title, and only one of these workers receives a paycheck, leaving the other worker with no pay. Did these two workers, both deserve to be paid? They did what they were asked to do; They did the same exact quality of work.“What could possibly be missing?” one may inquire. College athletes and real athletes could be examined and obtain identical questions regarding their paychecks.

Besides from attending class, college athletes and real athletes are performing the same tasks. After communication with a consultant of the organization NCSA (also known as Next College Student Athlete), it has been verified that their schedule of what division 1 football players do in their day is accurate. They guaranteed: it’s the most accurate that the colleges have revealed. The consultant also claimed “The colleges have to upload their schedules as well, so if the colleges haven’t changed anything it’s accurate.” Along these lines, it is affirmed that these diligent working college student-athletes, truly wake up promptly in the morning to eat breakfast, do weight preparation after, then participate in a gathering with their team to examine their schedule for practice, review their game film, and then practice for almost three hours. It is indeed a time-consuming list for college athletes who work for 30-40 hours a week on average, and consequently, not get paid for the labor they do.

Professional athletes like Tim Lelito, who gets paid for his work, shared the tasks that he completes in his days as an NFL player. In like manner of the athletes in college, he awakens early in the morning, and works on his body and wellbeing frequently. At home, his body is still working diligently with the equipment to keep his body as healthy as can be. As Tim Lelito states, “my body is what gets me paid, my body is my business right now,” for college athletes it is almost identical, their bodies are what aids them in their field of sport, it is their business. Many NFL and other professional athletes do the same things Tim Lelito uncovered when discussing his way of life. Including a similar number of hours of practice for athletes, college student-athletes and professional athletes are overbearingly similar in their chain of work. Yet unfortunately, college student-athletes do not receive pay.

However, on the flip side of the coin, the real question is “how much more could college athletes potentially want?” These students benefit from the privileges of student assistance fund along with advantageous scholarships. Regardless of whether these students were compensated for their work, the pay would be divergent for each individual. The greatest distinction would take place between college athletes who appear on television and those who do not. College student-athletes knew what they were signing up for, they signed up to be students - not employees. One cannot expect to be paid after signing up to do volunteer work. Whether it is the NCAA or the colleges that pays these students, they both have more than enough money to invest in paying their college basketball and football athletes, however not necessarily all of the types of athletes.



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