Essay on Child Stars Life

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  • Published: 23 June 2021
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Child stars have a harder life than an average child. Young actors almost die when filming dangerous scenes. During the filming of the Tyrannosaurus Rex scene in the first “Jurassic Park”, the animatronic had a malfunction which pushed the safety glass on top of ten y/o Joe Mazzello and fourteen y/o Ariana Richards. Those screams were actual fear. Later on in the film, Joe was being chased by a Velociraptor. Which, when supposed to run to the right, ran to the left with Joe. As he was going through the door, it punched him in the face. Causing Joe to almost close the door on himself. 

After filming the scene, Joe had a massive black eye. To top it all off , Joe got the black eye on a special day, his birthday. As a result to these events, Joe’s life is so much more harder than an average fifth grader.  Most child actors grow up to get into heavy drugs and get in trouble with the law. Macaulay Culkin, also known as Kevin McCallister from the “Home Alone” franchise, was busted with and charged with drugs on September 18th, 2004. The famous actor was charged with Marijuana in Oklahoma City. This was before the U.S started legalizing weed. He was seized of 17.3 grams of weed, eight Xanax pills, and 16 round white pills that are identified as Clonazepam. The pills are a sedative for anxiety and seizures, which could be addictive. When being searched, he told the cops that he didn’t have anything. To which they searched the car. Finding Marijuana in a blackbag and the pills in a clear plastic bag. 

At the hearing he didn’t plea guilty, but at a later hearing, Macaulay pleaded guilty. He received three one year suspended prison time and had to pay $540 in fees. This all happened because of his father.  His father got so angry when Macaulay stepped down from acting, which was the main source of income for the family. On the other hand, child stars have a far easier life. Their school life is fairly simple. They get everything they want. Child stars have fame, fortune, a luxurious life. They don't have to worry about the struggle of the middle class. Also, child stars are very bratty and stuck up. They don’t care about others.  Child stars only care about themselves and money.  However, all the luxurious items they want costs money. Child stars still have limits and hae to deal with money tax. They can't just snap their finger and a pair of Balenciaga sneakers appear in front of them. The fact that they only care about themselves is a trait they get from their parents. Children will mirror their parents behavior. At such a young ages, what ever happens at home, with money and friends, is an act that's mirrored from parents. They don't make their own decisions. Child stars, no matter how simple their life seems, live a harder life than a normal school child.



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