Essay on American-Japaneese Relation During WWII

Over the past few days, I have listened to and read the speech addressed by President Roosevelt. Accompanied with that was the New York Times Article, US Declares War, Pacific Battle Widens, issued on December 9, 1941, which I have also read and comprehended. While reading and listening to these speeches, I thought about the horrific events which took place within this time, and fully assessed the situation. I have come to the conclusion that the Japanese Empire is a serious threat, and the USA must do something about. I found that President Roosevelt seemed to institute a tone of inspiration and confidence throughout the entirety of his speech, which is an exemplar model of leadership. He inaugurated a series of reassuring messages within his 6-minute speech, which showed the public what the threat was and that there was “nothing to worry about”. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, many American citizens were scared for their lives. President Roosevelt took that into consideration and, with his speech, brought back a sense of confidence and aspiration.

However, with the United States at war with the Japanese Empire, any normal American citizen would be concerned for their safety throughout the war. I am also slightly concerned about what will be happening in the near future, for I wouldn’t want my country to die at the hands of a militant empire. I have a perception of this unfortunate situation, that is that I don’t want our country to end up in a disastrous state. Within President Roosevelt’s next message, I would have an inclination for a better situation than one we are in right now, where the war is shifting towards our favor, and we in a good spot as to end this bloodshed in the proceeding days with peace. I feel that, with the government declaring war on Japan, the safety of us Americans has been compromised. Universally, I agree with this declaration for war by the President unto the Empire of Japan. It is the equitable thing to do, to triumph against Japan for the treacherous and duplicitous attack on Pearl Harbor. I would one day hope to see a bright future for the United States of America.



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