Essay on Advertising of Technologies to Youth

Essay on Advertising of Technologies to Youth
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📌Published: 29 May 2021

“Statistics showed that Jordan continued to boost Nike’s bottom line with the Jordan brand taking 75% of the basketball shoe market, and a 10.8% of the overall shoe market in the United States,” from (Celebrity Endorsements on Social Media Are  Driving Sales and Winning Over Fans).  This was done by advertising, this portrays just a bit of how convincing it can be.  The first technique is to use celebrities to advertise, children see their favorite celebrities on T.V., social media, YouTube ect., and they will buy about any product advertised for. They think they must use the products their favorite celebrity is using. The other example of advertising is using technology, youth are on it daily accordingly this is an excellent opportunity for marketers to advertise which enables them to earn money. These are the best techniques of the massive amounts of techniques advertisers have in store. To advertise, marketers are selling items to youth by using technology and celebrities to endorse their products.

First of all, one technique marketers use to advertise is celebrity endorsements. Marketers will pay celebrities to post or make adds of themselves using certain products. In the article, HIDDEN AD-GENDAS, it says “Selena Gomez posted a photo of herself drinking Coke on Instagram. … The photo became one of the most popular images in Instagrams history, getting millions of likes,”This was a paid advertisement for Coca Cola, because she made this post, many people, in particularly youth, started buying more Coke products and especially Coke bottles.

Testimonials are another advertising technique that use famous people to explain how excellent a product is even though he or she may not use the product that often, or even at all. This convinces children to think that using the product is the path that will lead them to be rich or powerful. This helps give a perspective on how effective testimonials are specifically for advertising to youth. The second fantastic technique marketers use is technology. According to Common sense media, “teens spend an average of nine hours a day online.”  This is an excessive of time for these children to be exposed to advertisements.

Marketers advertise on YouTube, websites, though most of all social media. Marketers have learned the effectiveness of using online platforms for advertising. For example, Facebook and Instagram were originally apps with none to little advertising,  however over the years the amount of advertising on these apps has increased. Significant amounts of brands in social media and sometimes YouTube will use an advertising technique called facts and figures and post graphs and of their company's studies that illustrate biased results which isn’t right. They will in addition post and hide the fact that their post is an advertisement. Right now just about anyone out on the street will have a phone and several social media apps, and most possibly believe most of the false or true advertisements that they see. It doesn’t matter if a person has a numerous or a less amount of money, they are still going to be exposed to advertising on technology.

Advertisers have many techniques, such as using technology and celebrities, and they use these procedures to sell products to children. Advertising on technology has proven to be one of, or the best category for advertising because of the facts and figures technique that goes hand in hand with advertising through technology, and because youth are on it exceedingly often. The category of using celebrity endorsements in advertising is a extremely effective way to advertise because of how most children will see a social media  post in particular or another technology ad and this will ultimately affect and convince the child to buy the product therefore they can supposedly become a marvelous rich person. Nike Jordans sold crazy for a reason which is because of the celebrity endorsement advertising, done by Michael Jordan, and the technology advertising which helped them sell. This illustrates that technology and advertising really are the two key elements of marketing.


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