Essay About the Worst Experience of My Life

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  • Published: 06 August 2020
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It was a beautiful morning. The sun was out, and my brother Joel and I were fishing. I can still remember as clear as day to when I used to fish naked. I have no clue why, but my family jokes about it with me all the time. Joel yelled 

Joel “I got one, it's a big one, a big old one.” I rushed over to see what he had reeled in. 

I said “that's a baby’’ I had never seen a smaller fish. He must have set the drag really high so it would look like a big one, of course, that's exactly what my other brother uke does. I swear he sets that drag to where a minnow would be a good fight.

“Boys come inside” my mom hollered from inside. We had just had puppies about a week ago. Immediately I picked up a little puppy. They could barely crawl. ̈ ̈Paul put that puppy down.¨ My mom was very cautious with the dogs. I felt like I couldn't even look at them without getting yelled at. 

I had been waiting to eat these high school musical waffles all week. But my mom would not let me. She said to save them for Sunday morning before church. I can only remember the day before church the year before when we caught a skunk in a live animal trap and had to skip church because all of us kids smelled like a skunk. You wanna talk about some mad parents. Oh boy, my mom was mad.

My day was going so great. I caught a bass, crappie and a couple of other fish like bluegill or rock bass. But my favorite part of the day was swimming in the pond. Every day in the summer I would swim. Unless I had a baseball game.

Well, my day was over and I was so tired. About every day I wear myself out. And let me tell you. I sleep like a beauty. My dad usually stays up on Saturday nights out by the campfire. But my mom came inside with us kids to go to bed. We were tired and scared to go to bed by ourselves.

It was about 2 in the morning and my mom woke us all up out of our sleep. She said the house was on fire. How the heck could our house on fire it's impossible. We just built the house 4 years before. But “holy crap, our house was actually on Fire.” We sat outside while we watched the house burn. ̈ ̈Oh sh**̈ ̈ My dad yelled. ̈ ̈The dogs are in the house.¨ He ran inside. Unfortunately, it was too late. They were goners. 

As the fire department pulled up we were all in tears. All of our guns, our motorcycles, our dogs our family pictures. “Everything was gone”. Everything. The dogs didn't even have a chance. We were a sad family. We had nothing.



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