Essay About Travelling: What Option Is Best for You?

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  • Published: 15 April 2021
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Even though taking a bus may seem like a long unneeded thing, when you could just drive, and driving may seem like your leaving a bigger carbon footprint then is needed, when you could just take a bus, there are both advantages and disadvantages to taking a bus and driving a car. There are many reasons why one option may be better for one person and worse for another. To make a well informed decision on which option is best for you, you should look at the differences between them both.

In Calgary there are a lot of people, around 1.5 million people actually. As you can imagine most of these people need to travel for one thing or another; school, work, shopping, even to just do something fun like going to the movies. How do they get there though? What is the best method of travel? Should people just drive? Or should they take a bus and train?  One question you may be wondering about is how many people take a bus or train to how many drive. Well in this quote you’ll be able to get a good idea on those statistics. “More than two-thirds (261,000) of those who filled out the 2016 census said they drove alone to work daily, with those who take city transit coming in a distant second, with 63,616 (16.41 per cent) choosing to take a bus or the CTrain.” Even though more people drive than taking transit doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a better option. 

Now the big question is which one is cheaper? Well according to the Calgary transit website on average one fare costs $ 3.40. It is harder to find out how much a trip in a car would cost because there are so many different factors to keep in mind but it’s easier to calculate around how much it costs in one month.  According to AAA it costs around $706 a month to drive a car, which is taking in all the different expenses like maintenance but maintenance won’t always be needed.  On the other hand for a one month bus pass it only costs $106. 

The bus and train do help cut back on carbon footprint because so many people are on one bus/train.  The bus can’t go everywhere though and it can be an inconvenience. Busses only run during certain times and on strict schedules. Also with so many people on the bus it can be crowding and overwhelming to some people. With driving you can just jump in your car whenever you want and get where you want in a timely fashion, which is depending on what traffic is like.  All in all the two help even each other out.

Taking the bus you don’t have to worry as much as to where to go, when to stop, where to turn. You just have to be aware of when you need to get off, besides that you can sit back listening to some tunes and relax. When you’re driving you have to be a lot more attentive and aware to everything for the safety of yourself and for the safety of others.  Others may find the bus much more stressful and some people think of driving as a relaxing serene time where you have alone time. Both driving and taking the bus you can see the world around you, though you can probably see everything better in a car then on a bus where the person beside you blocks your view.

In this world we all need to make decisions on things and one is definitely the type of transportation you’ll use. In the matter of bus or car it really comes to the fact that both options are good and suited better for different people. I can’t really say one is better than the other, only that one is better for one person than a different person. Really you just need to know yourself, budget, and make the decision for which option suits you better. Sometimes taking the bus might be better for you and other times driving might be better. So know yourself and your situation and I trust you’ll make the right choice for yourself.



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