Essay About Lie. Is It Always Wrong to Lie?

Some people would say lying is always wrong, except when there is a good reason for it. Meaning sometimes it can be okay to lie. To be specific, It is better to lie than hurt someone’s feelings. It is not wrong if you keep someone you care about from getting hurt. If you are trying to protect them, then there is no harm. But Lying can also be bad at times. If it becomes persistent, then it can be quite harmful to you and other people that know you because they start to lose your trust, especially if you start to lie about serious situations like pretending to be sober for three months when you’ve actually never made it past a month. 

Telling lies do not always help in every situation and you would get caught at some point. While telling a lie, you might get a free pass for the time being, but sooner or later get caught. That would just lead to further punishment. Telling the truth has a great deal of being courageous. It is never easy to tell the truth but some people think that it is better to tell the truth rather than to lie. Sometimes the truth can hurt. Someone who speaks the truth is respected and more trustworthy by others. They would be trusted at any point of time and would be accepted too. It can create a tense moment, but it is better than lying. When you tell a lie and get caught, the trust on you would be lost, even by your close friends and relatives and the trust once lost cannot be fully gained back.

Lies could also cause pain. When you are lying you are basically betraying that person you are doing it too. You can start out by telling little white lies, but then it would gradually develop into a habit and once you create a habit it can be hard to get out of. The more you lie, the easier it becomes and the more you lose respect and individuality and then you would get to a point where no one would trust you even when you are telling the truth.

No matter what, telling the truth is always better. Though telling the truth can result in anger and other emotions, the sense of deception would not last. 

Personally, I think that lying is wrong. I used to lie all the time, and when I finally got caught, it did not end well for me. I finally learned that telling the truth was much better than lying my way through life. It was a slow and long process for my parents to gain my trust back. I always feel guilty now if I try to lie about something. You don’t have to feel guilty when telling the truth.

To reinstate, Lying is never a good thing to do whether you think it is. It always gets you into trouble, even if it was a little white lie. Telling the truth is much easier and better to do because it makes you into a better person.



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