Essay About Friends. Why do We Lose our Friends?

Essay About Friends. Why do We Lose our Friends?
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

What are the biggest lies told to us? For me are the concepts or more correctly the images that society makes you believe. One of them is the idea of always being yourself with people around you and the second one is that no one really likes each other. I used to believe in that but as I saw and experienced different situations the images broke into a thousand different pieces and the only thing that was left to see was the image of thousands tiny daggers. Just like these tiny pieces these concepts can never go back to how they were and even if they do you can clearly see that the image is lost and is no longer clear.

“Be yourself and you will be fine” this is what we all hear when you are sent off to school. Well, if you still believe that, I think you are deceiving yourself. I don’t think that we as human beings are able to let a person no matter who they are or how close they are to us to truly see who we are. Everyone you meet will always see the part which you think they are going to like, the part which you allow yourself to be in that specific moment.

We learn to fit the events and environment around us, changing our personalities and opinions  just like a snake changes his skin. You try to act like the most friendly person in the room but every time you talk you can feel your social battery running low, but you still go on and act friendly. Why? Well, how could you not, no one would want to be seen as different or to be known as “that person” so you change your skin to survive in the environment where everyone is supposed to interact with each other. You try to meet people and get close to them but never too close where they can hurt you. After all, you never know what that person's intentions are. The friend you had yesterday may turn into a complete stranger in a matter of seconds. 

That’s what Clara wrote in her essay and she still stands by it. People always asked her what was the origin of this idea but hey why did she have to explain. After all it wasn’t part of their business, no one needed to know what shattered her image of being accepted for who you are. I mean it’s not as if she didn’t try, and it also wasn't that she was rejected. In fact the more she thought about it, the more easier it would have been if the latter happened. 

She was reading her essay for the final time before she would put it away and her eyes got stuck on the last sentence. “The friend you had yesterday may turn into a complete stranger in a matter of seconds”. It still stinked to think about how true that part was. She never would have thought that the person she had been closest to since elementary school, the person who truly knew her, would turn into a stranger. She knew that after she moved, communication was going to be hard. It was a six hour difference after all but she never thought that when the move  would happen, their communication would die somewhere along the way or maybe it had already died before that. She will never know and to this day she is still clueless as to why that happened. 

You may think that whatever it's one friend from a million, but when the person who truly knows just suddenly disappears from your life and without living an explanation behind, it kind of makes you wonder was it something I did or was the friendship a lie. So even though this event may seem small or irrelevant to some people for Clara it changed the way she interacted with them. She was still her friendly self and she still could easily talk and befriend people she met however how she started to create a line. A line which decided how far people could know her, a line which also decided what things she should share. 


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