Essay About Friends in My Life

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  • Published: 04 July 2020
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Hand-me-downs, sharing rooms, and arguments were the highlights of my childhood. I became a middle child on November 23, 2004, when my little sister was born. At the time, only being two and a half, I had no idea that the life I had was about to change. Not for the worse, but for the better. To grow up the middle child in a family of five was hard, no doubt. However, the common notions associated with middle children today, such as that we are unmotivated, anti-social, and problematic, are not me. I am no stereotype.

Growing up, I enjoyed playing alone. The ability to be creative in my own little world, without receiving scrutiny from my brother and sisters about how I played with my dolls “wrong” was more enticing to me. While this may seem like a small glimpse into a socially inept child, as I became older it transformed into independence. Many people believe that by being the middle child, you are automatically destined for doom, but with the odds stacked against me, I am more determined to work harder. While it certainly isn’t easy to be stuck in the middle, the idea that we are being reduced to our “middle child syndrome” is just unfair. 

Common misconceptions about the middle child is that we feel left out or like we don’t belong. While I was never one to have very many friends, I never felt like I didn’t belong. I knew that there was a place for me, I just hadn’t found it yet. It wasn’t until about the eighth grade when I finally found that place. Genetics. We had just started a lesson on the introduction to genetics, and I couldn’t have been more in love at first sight. After that day I was so determined to know as much as I possibly could about genes and how they are the basis for all life on earth. 

Beliefs that us middle kids are not up to par with our older and younger siblings is just one reason I work so hard. It is incredibly easy to be overlooked and underestimated when you are stereotyped as an unmotivated, attention-seeker. I may be quiet, and a little too trusting sometimes, but the fact is I am driven to achieve a career in genetics. 

Genetics has been an outlet for me. Not having very many friends, left me with more than enough time to invest in my future. I researched, I read, and I planned. Being a doctor of genetics is my life goal, and I will do anything to achieve it.



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