Essay About Doctor Career. Who Is a Pediatrician?

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“My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better,” states Steve Jobs. In other words, jobs were made to help people. This can be seen as life can go down multiple paths, each leading to a future career which can benefit yourself or others. Many jobs are used to help people. Some jobs are more important than others. A pediatrician is a doctor that provides care for children. They have to go through training and studies in order to keep children in great health. Similarly, primary care physicians treat adults that are sick or experience pain with their disabilities. Although many people may disagree, it is clear that a pediatrician should make at least one million dollars.

Often times, many pediatricians give future advice to adults with children. An example from General Pediatrician: Salary and Career Facts that shows this is, “Your practice might focus on preventative health duties, such as administering immunization shots and overseeing the general health of growing children.” This portrays the idea that the pediatricians have to inform the parents of the child’s overall health. For this purpose, they have to keep the child’s health in good condition as they give advice to the parents. This can be seen in newborns as well. Giving advice is big as parents won’t be able to nourish the young. Furthermore, Pediatricians work over 6 hours a day, helping the struggles of a child.

Another example from General Pediatrics by states, “The prenatal visit gives the pediatrician the opportunity to provide anticipatory guidance regarding newborn care and behavior, advantages of breastfeeding, information regarding immunizations and to answer questions that the parents may have about the office such as hours, phone numbers and coverage for night, weekend and emergency care.” This shows how much work Pediatricians have to put through for the parents of each individual child. Moreover, newborn care is important as one slight mishap could lead to the death of the child.  In addition, pediatricians have to provide information about how their office system works and their emergency care. This protects the health of the baby, as well as keeping the parents up to date with new technology. Hence, a pediatrician should earn one million dollars as they inform parents for the wellbeing of the children, which can be seen in the article General Pediatrician and General Pediatrics.

Pediatricians Education 

Undoubtedly, pediatricians have to go through extensive education. In the video general pediatrician, it states, “This process consists of four years of college, four years of medical school and, finally, a residency that lasts between 3-8 years.” This portrays the idea that pediatricians have to undergo extensive learning and training. For instance, eight years of study with a residency of 3 to 8 years shows the extensive time span of studies. Simultaneously, pediatricians struggle with this overloaded study and heavy work.

As a result, it all pays off as the children become protected and safe from diseases. In General Pediatrician:Salary and Career facts, it states, “ Upon acceptance to medical school, either through a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O) program, you'll spend your first two years taking basic science courses and your last two years completing clinical rotations in different medical specialties. After graduating, you'll need to earn your medical license and enter a 3-year residency program in pediatrics.” This portrays the idea that Pediatricians still have a chance of not getting a job. To clarify, they need to earn a medical license after intensive studies. If they don’t obtain the license then they don’t get the job. Most importantly, pediatricians only study for children. Many children are dying by the minute. Pediatricians need to study in order to save them. Therefore, Pediatricians should earn one million dollars as the article and the video show their extensive study and the rare chance of acceptance.

Challenges of Pediatricians Career 

Lastly, many people say that specialised doctors like cancer treating should be paid more than pediatricians.In the article General Pediatrician: Salary and Career Facts it states, “A general pediatrician is a medical doctor who specializes in the care of children of all ages, from infants to young adults. They provide preventive care and monitor physical development and mental wellness over the course of infancy, childhood and adolescence.” This shows pediatricians treat children who become the successful adults we know today. Children are some of the most fragile human beings unlike people that have cancer. They grow up to help the human race. If there were no pediatricians the human race would have ended as the population wouldn’t have grown. If somebody had cancer the population could still thrive without him getting treated. In the video general pediatrician it states, “A general pediatrician treats all types of infectious childhood diseases, including mumps, measles and chicken pox.

During the course of a regular workday, a doctor might deal with matters ranging from a case of acne to a child's ongoing battle with muscular dystrophy.” In addition to them treating children, they have to treat various diseases. Rather than one disease like a cancer specialists. They have to go through more training for each different type of disease they encounter. On the contrary, specialists only have to deal with one disease, generally prescribe the same treatment for each. Hence, a pediatrician should earn one million dollars as they treat various diseases as well as treating children.

Given these points, it can be seen that many people choose different careers, but it is clear that General Pediatricians should make one million dollars. Firstly, they give advice to the parent for the child’s health. This leads to a good well being for the child. The child would not suffer as much because the parents now have the right advice. Even a simple common cold could lead to minor suffering. Secondly, pediatricians have to study for the majority of their life. They spent so much time learning about a child’s body. This is important because they spend so much time studying to get the job. Additionally, they treat children and multiple diseases. Children start the population allowing it to thrive. Pediatricians keep the children alive. In order to do this they have to treat various diseases. As a result, they can save the children. The noble actions and the hard work of a pediatrician, just for the children, is the reason why they should make one million dollars.



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