Essay About Depression in Poem

Essay About Depression in Poem
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📌Published: 07 June 2021

My poem is about my experiences through depression and how going on a walk in a forest is a way to cope with depression. I have been dejected my whole life, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and have no control over it, but the walks help more than any type of medication would. These emotions in my mind have seemed never fade away. I have always felt some sort of feeling that demoralized me and made me feel like life is not worth it. However, meeting the girl that is introduced in the poem changed my perspective of life. She made me feel special and gave me the happiness and light I needed to overcome the darkness, but some things are never meant to be and we drifted apart. I used imagination as my characteristic of Romanticism because I wanted the reader to have a visual interpretation of how I view depression and emotions. Also, the reason why I chose a picture of me smiling with nature is that it reflects how I am escaping reality by going on a walk to do so and how my emotions as I escape that reality.

The reasons why I used these specific literary devices was to encapsulate the reader within my poem and allow them to feel the emotional connection with me. The reason why I used imagery in my poem is that I wanted the reader to grasp the visual interpretation of walking through a forest and encapsulating themselves with the environment. Nature is such a widely overlooked aspect in our lives and truly appreciating it is a life-changing experience. The reason why I used assonance is that I wanted to display how I interpreted depression, as something harmless, but really it felt heartless. The connection between these two words allows the sentences flow to sound good as well. End rhyme is also prominent in my poem because the general rhyme scheme of my poem is mostly words rhyming at the end of the sentence. It adds fluency and overall emphasis on my message. And finally, I used simile in my poem to compare depression with darkness because that is how I view depression. As a void that consumes people's inner thoughts and emotions and manipulating them towards viewing life as nothing.


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