Environmental Problems Essay Example

Climate change is a topic that has been talked about all my life, I was educated on climate change when I was younger and as a high school student, I see many political controversies discussing this issue. I strongly believe that the claims of climate change must and should be taken seriously as it has currently reached a point where this is becoming a problematic issue, and if we don't act on it now, it will have a variety of negative impacts on mankind and our only planet earth. In the past 5 or so years, climate change has had a large impact on the environment, the living organisms around us as well as the earth's temperature. That's only to name a few, there are way more things that are being affected and its important for us to act and monitor this issue.

The earth's luscious environment has not been the same since the early ages, with vehicles and factories being developed and operated many greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide has been released into the earth's atmosphere. It has been proven that the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere in 2018 is the highest it has been in 3 million years. This proves that using these facilities and vehicles has caused the overall air temperature to become warmer. As the air becomes warmer, it holds a high higher water content which makes rainfall patterns more extreme. With rainfall patterns being more extreme, it causes a variety of natural disasters like tornadoes, floods and droughts. Not to mention, the oceans water temperature is rapidly rising and with the absorption of large amounts of carbon dioxide the ocean is becoming more acidic.

Climate change and global warming is likely to be the greatest cause of species extinctions in this century. As a society, we don't understand that our lives are interconnected with wildlife and their habitats. If one ecosystem is affected, then all the other ecosystems will be affected overtime. Currently, in some parts of the world many species such as pollinators, marine life and land mammals are being affected by climate change. This is caused by the difficulty of trying to adapt to the ever so changing climate. As a result, species undergoing genetic changes/mutations or become endangered and extinct.  Every year approximately 100 to 10,000 species from microscopic organisms to large plants and animals go extinct, as we continue to create emissions, climate change will get worse and the number of extinct species will increase.

In conclusion, it is quite evident that the claims made towards climate change must be taken seriously. As individuals, we must do our part to try and stop climate change by educating ourselves more about this topic and issue, and if we continue to contribute to greenhouse gases then our environment will be affected and destroyed, and species will become endangered or extinct. Let's try and protect the one and only planet we have and preserve it so that future generations can see what a wonderful planet it is.