Do Aliens Exist Essay Example

For decades, there has been an ongoing debate about extraterrestrial life. For some reason, it is difficult for some people to grasp the idea of life on other planets.  They believe that our earth is the only planet out of approximately “225 billion galaxies in the observable universe” with all of the necessary elements to sustain life (Temming). They do not understand how truly massive the universe is. 

It is hard to imagine that no other planet in any other galaxy holds living, breathing creatures besides earth. While it is likely that no life lives outside of Earth in our galaxy due to the Earth being in the exact, perfect position as to not be too hot or cold, that does not mean that there is not another planet just like Earth in another galaxy billions of miles away. No one can truly grasp the concept of how many galaxies there could be. The universe is so incredibly large that there will never be a way to understand. 

Some people require proof of things that they cannot see in order to be able to believe in those things. While there are countless pieces of evidence of extraterrestrial life, some people will argue that there is none or that there is “no mention of aliens in the bible(Grahm)”. While it is true that there is no talk of life on other planets in the bible, this does not mean that they do not exist, considering the bible was written for life on this planet. There are many things in this world that God does not tell us about because it is irrelevant to those who are seeking to follow him. Nevertheless, if God created life on one planet, why would he leave billions of other planets lifeless?

As for how aliens can be proven, they already have been. They might not be what one would think of when they think of extraterrestrials such as tall green monsters, but there have been people such as Frank Drake who created an equation to estimate the number of galactic societies based on several factors. Those factors being the placement of stars surrounding planets and the gasses emitted from them.. “No “official” estimates for the terms of Drake’s equation were produced by the conference. This conference that was held was in 1961 at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s Green Bank observatory. It took place for the purpose of scientists to determine whether or not it would be attainable for them to discover life outside of earth. Drake presented the other scientists with an equation that would assist them in the research of extraterrestrial life. Although Drake himself has suggested that the number of galactic societies that are in space might be ten thousand(SETI Institute).”This suggests that things such as star formation patterns around planets can be a sign of life on that planet. 

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