Descriptive Story Essay Example

Descriptive Story Essay Example
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📌Published: 29 May 2021

Floundering down the bank, I heaved the raft off my shoulders. I gazed in awe at my soon to be racetrack. The rushing water along with the increased thudding in my heart overpowered the instructor's voice, turning his words into nothing but a muffled dribble. Slushing feet finally indicated that it was time to get paddling. The impatient Kaituna river almost swept us away at our uncoordinated attempt of getting in the raft. However, once we were in we were off. 

The river decided our chaotic path. Weaving in and out of rapids, icy water showered up at me. The brittle wind cut through my wet suit, leaving a numbingly stiff sensation. Thrilling screams escaped our mouths as we hurtled between rocks, making us spin in all directions. Smiles all-round were frozen in place. I was on cloud nine. 

The river suddenly turned to a calm as silence filled the air. The sun's rays beamed off the water making it look like a glitter-filled puddle. The forestry danced in the breeze to the delicate tunes sung by the birds and leaves. It was truly magical, I was memorized by the moment. However, when I heard the instructor mention a 7m waterfall I was instantly snapped back to reality. 

My state of tranquillity turned into a whirlwind of panic. I look around to see my friends, some were terrified, and some were oozing with excitement, yet I was frozen still. Nothing but waves of fear rushed through my body. My shaky hand took hold of the paddle and started pushing against the water again. 

Gushing sounds became harsher the further we travelled. The pace of our paddling along with the pounding in my heart continued to increase. There it was. I was up so high. I felt like an ant about to get washed down a drain. 

The violent rapids shoved us around as the instructor struggled to spit his words out. "Get down!", was the last thing I heard before the river tossed us off. 

I held on tight for what felt like my life. My heart dropped faster than my body. Roaring screams filled the air. The rush of wind made a fine flag of tousled hair, turning my vision to a blur. Perception of time was distorted. Finally,I felt the impact of the raft crashing down. The water swallowed us whole. After a few frantic seconds, the raft springs out from being underwater as I let out a shuddered breath. I look around to see the six of us still in the raft. My body melts in relief as we all cheer whilst looking back at the mighty white fall that we had just conquered.


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