Descriptive Essay About a Person: Abigail Thompson

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Faces, just empty faces, that's all we see. To the unknowing eye, Abigail Thompson is just another blank face in the crowd. Every day we walk past random people, and we never know who they are, mainly because we never take the time to ask. Our blank stares also transfer to the classroom. When the professor asks a question, I see the student's gaze avoid the professor. They are scared to be recognized for fear of being judged. Abigail is different. As we spoke, her enthusiasm blinded me. She made me realize I still have a piece of my mask on. I learned how to see both myself and others in a new light. From an empty face, I now see blue eyes, brown hair, freckles, and a smile. I see a girl worth, not only seeing, but knowing.

Every person has their own story, some not known to others. With the approval of Abigail, I will share part of her story. With Abigail, she used to be the oldest in her family with one sister. Now, unfortunately, just like how almost 50% of marriages end in divorce, her parents got divorced. Her mother has been through hard times, and she values her very much and views her as her role model because, "She's been through a lot in her life, and seemed to get out on top "(Abigail). Through the times, Abigail's mother has found love again and has remarried. With this union, Abigail has got an even bigger family. She now has one sister, one half-sister, one step-sister and a whopping seven stepbrothers.

Most of the additional figures to her new family are already "old and have jobs and stuff" (Abigail). Abigail may have been through many changes in her life, but she never let Those changes bring her down. She overcame the obstacles that became of her life. Most people tend to run away from change, but she ran towards it and accepted it. Because of this, she was swift to understand and adapt to the difference in the classroom. This aspect of her is something extraordinary as she practically owns the class while I can barely grasp the situation.

Abigail is going to try and become a veterinarian, and she has some experience. As Abigail puts it, she "technically has seven cats" (Abigail). Three of the cats are her mom's, and the rest are her father's. Her intense love for her cats shows her how she will always show respect and commitment to almost anything, no matter how tedious. Abigail always had shown a ton of commitment to anything, no matter how tedious. The one that stands out the most is how Abigail volunteered at a retirement home for three years. She sticks her nose out for others, whether it be those in retirement or those in the classroom.

Abigail also was an avid member of the German club and a great field hockey enthusiast. Since Abigail needed a break from such a sport due to the number of years she has been on it, she decided to join something more exciting. Abigail always looks for the next exciting thing in her life, and that spot now belongs to her WSC class. Like everything she finds appealing, she will always work hard for it. This both benefits herself and the others around her. Once one thinks of individuality or commitment, one should be thinking of the exciting life of Abigail Thompson.

To become a great writer, one needs to have the perfect mentality. Abigail Thompson has a mindset that will make anyone succeed in this world. Abigail is always raring to go. She is always straight forward with her answers as she wants to get through her projects with both professionalism and ease. When asked why she was deciding to stay in the WSC class and push forward, she claimed that it was due to her "requirement to graduate" (Abigail). According to the syllabus that was given out to all students in her WSC class, it need not be taken freshman year.

Abigail could have switched to any other writing class. At first, the writing class scared her, and it "made me feel like I didn't belong in the class, and I wanted to drop out before the class even started" (Abigail). If she felt like this, why did she stay? She decided to pursue her future head first and embrace her "homeostatic upset" (Picciano, par.1). Once she has experienced this upset, she still kept on showing up to class. This change did not bother her. It inspired her. The way she does this always fascinates me. She shows me how, whenever caught with a problem, you should not back down and run away. She taught me to face my challenges head-on and embrace this change in homeostasis.

To help me when I'm speaking, she shows me part of Jaren Weiss's blog post. She picked out her favorite line, which was "as being the weirdest person in the room in order to ensure that no one feels alienated by their fellow classmates" (Weiss, par. 3). Abagail is also a very productive person. When dealing with a project, she decides it's better to "plan and think of what you're going to do" (Abigail). Abigail values productivity over everything else. When asked if she prefers to work in a group environment or work alone, she answered: "Sometimes it's easier to work alone, because you can get it done faster" (Abigail). In a great writer, one cannot have a better mentality of a get going person, which is precisely who Abigail Thompson is.

Furthermore, Abigail's personality is what truly sets her apart. Abigail is what someone would call an altruistic person. In Lawrence Kohlberg's "Stages of Moral Development" he describes to us what it means to be a "post-conventional" person. In Kohlberg's stages, there are six stages: obedience and punishment orientation, self-interest orientation, interpersonal accord and conformity, authority and social-order maintaining orientation, social contract orientation, universal ethical principles. For where Abigail is on this complex scale, I cannot say.

All I can say about Abigail is that an altruistic person must rank at least somewhat higher on this scale. She is the embodiment of the saying, "treat others the way you want to be treated." Abigail has a passion for helping people. When asked what she wants to be remembered for, she answered: "helping people" (Abigail). Moreover, the reason Abigail decides to pursue her major in biology is to study to become a veterinarian. Abigail would love to become a vet because she not only wants to help people but animals as well. Her love for animals also transfers to others. She is the medicine that I needed to persevere in this class. Without her showing me the way, I don't know where I would be. Abigail is someone who has a strong backbone to support and help those in need.

We may have just talked about one part of her personality, but what about the rest of it? Abigail is not just a person with one emotion/personality like a robot. She is a human being with a very complex character. Only by noticing her in class, I see how Abigail always waits her turn. She never jumps into conversations where she does not belong because she "disliked loud and obnoxious people" (Abigail). Abigail may value productivity over everything, but that does not mean that people should not speak. She only speaks until another person finished sharing. Abigail takes their words to heart and evaluates them to help her argument better. She does this because she has always viewed the class as a bigger picture. To her, the whole is greater than all the other parts combined. She takes the G effect to heart.

Because she wants to help the class, she always shares her work with me. Her help made me write better. Abigail not only views the course like a giant picture, but she is determined to help it. One great example of this is her enrollment in her WSC class. She explains that she was scared of the course because of the syllabus and the talking of her professor KP. Through her fearlessness, she persevered through her anxiety.

She decided to face her fears and rush through and stay in the class, as stated earlier in the essay. Abigail is not perfect. Like most people, she views her anxiety as her biggest weakness. Just because Abigail is scared, but that doesn't mean that she lies down and lets her fear control her. As stated many times before, she was anxious about her writing class. It was not just the first-class nor the syllabus that scared her the most, but the first assignment. Abigail did not let this stop her. Due to the constant changing with her family, she was more accustomed to the change. Her attitude towards the class showed me that anybody might have a weakness, but you must always find a way to persevere.

During this interview, I have learned a lot of new things. Abigail has taught me how everyone has their own story. She has also taught me that one needs to have a passion for something to truly succeed. Abigail taught me how a great writer not only speaks their mind, but also waits for others to speak so they can better their argument. And finally, she taught me how one could make their weaknesses into strengths. At our worst, we're small-minded, defensive, spaced out, silent, distracted, conflicted, unready to make use of the great gift before us, but Abigail is different. Due to the great tips Abigail has to offer for our class, I am more in tune with myself. Abigail is not a blank face anymore. Abigail is someone I can look up to and ask for help. Abigail is not just someone who will take people to the top 20%, but she will reach heights beyond those limits with her very own skills and hard work.



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