A Descriptive Essay About a Concert Going

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  • Published: 04 July 2020
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Attending concerts is one of the best activities I’ve ever taken part in. The best things about concerts are the people in the crowd, the artists, and the merchandise. First, the crowd is one of the best parts of the concert experience. A good example of enjoying watching the crowd before the concert begins would be from the Kiss concert in 2009.

I watched a member of the crowd pass out before the concert ever started and then watched his friends stack cans on top of his head. They then proceeded to pour their drinks on him. He jumped up, and cans went everywhere. It was very entertaining to watch him yell at his friends.

Another example of the crowd being entertaining was at the Three Days Grace concert I went to a couple of years ago. This concert was at Riverfest, so there was a huge crowd of people around an outdoor stage. Somebody had blown up a condom like it was a balloon and splashed paint around on it. We treated it like a beach ball and knocked it around the crowd, everyone laughing and having a good time. At the most recent concert I went to, The Twins of Evil, many people in the crowd went all out with makeup and costumes. My dad and I people-watched, and I named off all the music videos that people were mimicking with their Marilyn Manson makeup and clothing.

Along with the people in the crowd, the artists themselves really make the concert a great thing. For example, I was eight years old when I witnessed Gene Simmons flying above Verizon Arena in 2009. I was fourteen when I saw Buckcherry rock Little Rock. And I was eighteen Webb 2 when I saw my favorite artist, Marilyn Manson, perform in Dallas, Texas. The adrenaline rush that I have experienced when seeing all these artists is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. The artists all love their fans, and despite never coming off the stage, the artists instill a feeling of family. The music they make is pleasing to the ears, and when they speak to the crowd, it gives a fan the sense of joy.

The memories brought home from seeing the artists will always be with me and make concerts a great activity, but something else I will always have and enjoy about concerts is the merchandise. Every artist sells merchandise like keychains and hoodies. When at a concert, I tend to purchase something big from a band that I love and something small from the other bands.

From Twins of Evil I have a jacket patch and two t-shirts. From Buckcherry, I have a Buckcherry bracelet. From Kiss I have a shirt with Gene Simmons’s face on it. I also have a Motley Crue poster that I got at the All Bad Things Must End tour.

In conclusion, I love going to concerts. Observing people makes the pre-show time exciting. The artists make the show amazing. And the merchandise that I purchase at the concerts is with me forever.



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