Description of a House Essay Example

Description of a House Essay Example
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📌Published: 12 July 2020

When I was younger, I remember moving a lot. My parents were young and dumb with 3 kids and didn’t know what they were doing. So we were all over the place. I can vividly remember Dumfries drive and dale city road but I can't forget waterfall drive. Dumfries and dale city were two very tiny house. Probably not even made for a family of 5, my dad, my mom, keith my older brother, kamir my younger brother and me. In all of my old houses me and my brothers shared a room. I just wanted to play with my barbies while they were killing zombies in the game. I would  locked myself in the closet every time I had to change. And we all slept on a queen sized bed with 2 pillows and a janky mattress with springs sticking out. Poking us every night it wasn’t very comfortable being the only female. But when my dad got his company started, we moved to Waterfall Drive. 

When you first drive up to the house on waterfall drive you see two pretty palm trees on each-side of the drive way. With an orange , brownish colored 2 story house. With two windows up top and one large window on the right side. On the left, our 1 car garage. When you first walk in you see our gym and a big mirror almost the size of the wall facing the gym. There is  a clear straight view of the kitchen and first bathroom. From the kitchen you can see the living room and dining room. It was so open you could watch tv from the kitchen while cooking if you really wanted too. In the living room there was a big window. You can see the big backyard that looks like a long field with tall grass and a basketball court at the end. Our dining room table only had 4 chairs but we had 3 chairs at the bar in front of the kitchen counters. 

The stairs were wood like the floor but had metal lining so when you walk up the stairs it's really loud like hitting two metal pans against each other. First thing you see upstairs in a long hall way and 7 doors. My room, Kamirs room, our laundry room, the closet that holds spare blankets and towels, the second bathroom, Keiths room and my parents room. I love having my own room. I have a nice comfy bed that I don’t have to share and I don’t have to feel uncomfortable, I have privacy and can do whatever I want. I can't lie I do get lonely sometimes. At night my room is so quiet like a scene in a horror movie before someone dies. If I do hear something its just crickets or my phone when I get a notification. 

I never thought we would ever get to live in a nice house like this. The house on waterfall drive is far from a mansion but its home. Coming home to the house smelling like sweet lemon or good food that my mom is cooking is heartwarming. It's better than nothing and nothing is all we ever had. I will never forget The house on waterfall drive.


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