Defining Moments About Michael Oher in I Beat The Odds Essay Example

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Throughout the book, I Beat The Odds, Michael Oher showed multiple different ways on why he has changed as a person. He has shown the audience that he is hardworking, defiant against the statistics. Again and again, he is willing to work with his shoulder to the wheel to achieve his goals. Michael has had a life that treated him worse than the average human in America, but he has powered through and became a role model. I Beat The Odds shows how Michael Oher has persevered and has shaped him to be the person he is today.

Michael Oher has an outstanding work ethic and shows it over and over. When he would attend school, after he has found his way out of the hood and was with a quality crowd, he tried his hardest to learn as much as he could. “I wasn’t just squeaking by with a minimum GPA-twice I made the dean’s list.” A dean’s list is an academic award list which shows all the students who had excellent grades. Michael made this list twice in high school shows how diligent he has worked to acquire the knowledge he missed throughout his elementary and middle school time. Michael completing those achievements showed the reader how studious and focused. Him being so driven and focused allowed him to show others he cared about what he was doing.

Defiance is just a part of the person Michael has become. He defied against the normal life for people in his area. He stayed away from drugs and alcohol and kept a clean mindset, “It’s true that we can’t help the circumstances we’re born into and some of us start out in a much tougher place than other people. But just because we started there doesn’t mean we have to end there.” His experiences pushed him to be the best person he can be because he didn’t want to end up like everyone else he knew. The moment he realized that his life was surrounded by negativity, he never wanted to end up like them and wanted to beat the odds and have a successful life.

Respect and responsibility are some character traits all great people have and Michael Oher, to say the least, had them both. When Michael would go out to friends houses and stay there, he would always be one of the first people up and would always make sure where ever he was sleeping was cleaned up and neat.



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