The Danger of Cell Phone Use While Driving Essay Example

The Danger of Cell Phone Use While Driving Essay Example
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📌Published: 13 May 2021

Every few seconds someone gets in a car accident. Although there are laws put in place to prevent them, some people still do not follow them. One of the most common situations that cause everyday accidents are hand-held cell phones. Is there any point in having a law for no phones while driving when no one follows it? I agree that there should be a law that doesn't allow hand-held cell phones while driving because phones can cause emotional driving, accidents, and reckless driving behaviors.

To start, using a hand-held cell phone can cause emotional driving. Emotional driving occurs when a driver gets so involved with his or her emotion that he or she can't react to situations on the road without bringing his or her emotional feelings into it as well. An example of emotional driving involved with a cell phone would be if someone was having a heated argument over the phone. While having a heated argument as a driver drives, he or she could start to drive aggressively and cause an unwanted accident. Another example would be if someone was to see something disturbing on his or her phone while driving. The driver would focus too much on their phone and not enough on the road. Driving with a cell phone is risky.

Secondly, there are multiple ways that someone can get in an accident from a cell phone. If anyone behind the wheel is focusing on something other than driving, he or she is creating a greater risk of getting into an accident. An example of an accident caused by this would be if someone was texting and driving. Something as simple as texting and driving can cause unintentional speeding. Unintentional speeding can cause an accident or possibly getting pulled over by the police. Texting and driving could also cause an accident. If the driver didn't see another car because they were too focused on his or her cell phone, then he or she would end up hitting them or possibly swerve really fast and hit another object. All in all, using a hand-held cellular device can lead to serious injuries.

Finally, using cell phones while driving promotes atrocious habits to a new driver. One of the safest forms of driving is when a driver is focused on nothing else but his or her driving skills. As a result, society should find ways to prevent unsafe driving. A way to prevent unsafe driving would be by showing new drivers the correct way to be behind the wheel. If someone who is or will be learning to drive sees a driver using a cell phone while driving, he or she will learn to think that it is acceptable.

When, in reality, it is not. The reason why it is important to teach new drivers that using cell phones while driving isn’t okay from an early age is because otherwise when he or she sees others doing it, it will also influence them. When influenced, these drivers may begin to do it themselves. Once the new drivers use his or her phones, it starts a trend that tells drivers younger than them that it is alright to do that and it keeps going down the line. At some point, the lesson of texting and driving needs to stop. Accidents caused by cell phones are avoidable, yet no one does anything to stay away from it. New drivers need to focus on the road and not on his or her cell phones. Anyone, but especially new drivers, using a cell phone while driving is a threat to other drivers. Cell phones can wait, but being alive can't.

There are countless positive and negative effects of using a cellular device while behind the wheel. First of all, cell phones do allow navigation systems. Navigation systems can help by showing how to move from place to place easily. Secondly, cell phones allow easy access to cameras. The feature of cameras on cell phones can be used in certain incidents, such as a hit and run. A driver could quickly take a picture of the license plate to show to the police. One of the most important features of cell phones is allowing contact with others during emergencies. Conversely, these reasons prove that there are positive effects, the negative effects of cell phone usage when driving outweighs the positive effects.

Using cell phones while driving should have laws against it because cell phones cause emotional driving, accidents, and reckless driving skills. Anything that takes away from thinking or looking at the road while driving, can cause serious damage to objects or animals. If these behaviors don't end soon, the amount of accidents caused by cell phones will increase.


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