Damage of Cosmetic Surgery Essay Example

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  • Published: 11 July 2020
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With the living conditions improving, more and more people turn to invest in their appearances, resulting in the boom of the cosmetic surgery industry. There are a large number of cosmetic surgery hospitals making high revenues in Asia, especially in Korea and Japan. It also began to take off in China in recent years. However, the attitudes towards it remained controversial due to the different perspectives of people. This essay is to argue that taking a cosmetic surgery requires a second consideration due to several reasons: the destruction of the natural beauty, the risk and future care it causes, the misleading aesthetic trend it may lead to.

Rather than improving the appearance, cosmetic surgery may lead to the damage of the original beauty. Different definitions of beauty may be brought up because of different backgrounds and experiences, however, people can always reach a consensus that a thing without decoration has a kind of innocent charming.  For instance, unlike those using much make-ups, girls who do not pay much attention to the appearance can be more impressive because of their purity. In the same way, cosmetic surgery patients would lose their beauty in the raw, compared with their counterparts. Artificial beauty cannot take the place of born ones anytime. It becomes even worse for the patients because the majority may take another strict criterion to evaluate them.

People should always take the risks and attention needed after the surgery into account, it is never a one-off thing. Being attracted by the gorgeous booklets, consumers tend to ignore the risk of the unsuccessful operation. Due to the complicated situation, it is hard to assure the final results while many patients would rather have an optimistic expectation. As a result, depressed by the new appearance, they may eventually spend more money to compensate by changing back. Apart from that, even the operation goes well, tons of things need to be taken care of since some tissues and organs become fragile after surgery. Plenty of money and energy are required to recover well. For instance, the blemish caused by the surgery could last for years without enough attention, so lots of products like anti-scar creams were invented.

The prosperity of the cosmetic industry may foster a weird fashion trend among girls. More and more people regard those internet celebrities, liked and followed by so many netizens, as real beauty which fosters the social impulsive phenomena. When searching for the participants of the beauty pageants, it is astounding to find out that those who are recognized by the majority are astoundingly the same. Worse still, time reveals that many of them are cosmetic patients to suit themselves to the fashion trend before the contests.

Apart from that, some irresponsible media run a swear campaign which persuades people to acknowledge their taste and strive to follow the fashion trend. For example, when people were after double-fold lids, those who are single-edged spared no effort to deal with it. Then several years later, the fashion shifted, which left the followers shocked. Being a follower blindly cost them a huge amount of treasure with no gains at all.

In spite of this, still many people hold the stand that cosmetic surgery should be supported. They asserted that it is their right to pursue beauty, given everyone is born with the nature of loving and chasing beauty. Some would insist that they dream to experience another kind of life and attempt to make some changes. Others assert that tiny improvement of a certain area may give them temperament and also confidence which always means they are concerned about the comments of others on their appearances. As ...   puts, they conclude that fear of negative appearance evaluation is an important factor to consider cosmetic surgery.

Even some people are convinced pretty looks can ensure them a higher social status and an easier life. But it seems that a different appearance is not the twirl to experience a new life. It is not because of the good look that your life turns more colorful, by the contrary, it is your state of mind that counts. With an active and kind character, even the ugly evil can be recognized as an angel. Instead of putting so much effort on the outside, finding the inner beauty is the true mission for all. A beautiful look will never be a shortcut to success, only those who are dedicated and hard-working can reach the top of life.

All in all, the side effects of cosmetic surgery such as the damage of original beauty, the risks, the social influences, weigh much more than a few merits. All the girls who choose cosmetic surgery are required to think twice and discover what they truly want before taking action. More education programs should be carried out to make the residents have a complete comprehension of the surgery and consider it further.



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