Cyrano de Bergerac Essay Example: The Cowardly Actions of Cyrano

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In the drama, Cyrano de Bergerac, Edmond Rostand portrays Cyrano, the main character, as a noble person. However, when Cyrano helps Christain win Roxane over it was an act of cowardice because he himself also feeling for her but did not act on his emotions due to fear. In doing so the author implies that Cyrano is only helping Christian due to fear of his insecurities, and rejection, and in helping Christian he gains from the exchange because he can express himself without fear. The author does this in order to allow the reader to make connections to Cyrano with there own fears and insecurities.

When Cyrano explains why he can not pursue Roxane, we can see that his actions in helping Christian was done out of fear of his insecurities and rejection.In the act 1 of the drama  Le Bret comes to the conclusion that Cyrano has someone he is in love with,but he behaves as if he has no chance then Le Bret proceed to encourage him to pursue her and he replies,”No! I love Cleopatra-do I look like Caesar? I adore Berenice-have I the appearance of a Titus.”(Rostand 51;1.5)

From this part of the drama, we can see that Cyrano is comparing himself to Caesar an emperors and Titus,a character from a play, he is asking rhetorically that if he has the appearance of either of them which in doing so he is implying he is not attractive.In implying he’s unattractiveness when can deduct that he believes that he has no chance with roxanne, which is self evident by the fact that he uses rhetorical questions to compare his  appearance to them as mentioned earlier.The fact that he is comparing himself to well known lovers and implying he does not compare to them we can see that he feels as if he has no chance with Roxane.In addition to this Cyrano later bring up that he fears rejection after Le Bret encourages him to pursue Roxane and to confess his feelings to her in which Cyrano responds,”So that she’ll laugh in my face?No! That’s the one thing in the world that I fear.”(Rostand 51;1.5)

The reader is able to see that Cyrano believes that Roxane will reject him if he confesses his true feelings.He also says that being rejected is his greatest fear as clearly stated in the quote.In this quote we are able to see what Cyrano greatest fear is, which is rejection from Roxane with this information the reader is able to understand why Cyrano would not even make an attempt at pursuing Roxane.This information helps us come to the conclusion that Cyrano was not being nobel when he helped Christian win over Roxane in fact all of this information leads to the contrary which is that he was being cowardly resulting from the fact that he let his insecurities of his appearance and his fear of rejection get in the way of him pursuing Roxane for himself.

Cyrano also had an ulterior motive when it came to helping Christian win over Roxanne being as that he used Christian as a way to confess his own love to Roxanne discreetly and inturn he felt as if he himself had won some of Roxane’s love.A example in the text were Cyrano felt as if he himself had won a part of Roxane’s love was when he was under Roxane’s balcony and spoke acting as if he were Christian in order to help Christian win her back after he had failed to woo her earlier and in turn Christian got a kiss from Roxanne while this is happening Cyrano says from under the balcony, “...yes i feel something of that kiss in my heart,because Roxane is kissing not only Christian’s lips,but also the words I spoke to her!”(Rostand 134;3.10)

In this quotation we can see that even though Christian is the one who got the kiss from Roxane,Cyrano still believe that in part the kiss was also towards him because he was the one who spoke for Christian.This is significant because we can determine that Cyrano feels as if he is also winning over Roxane because he is responsible for Christian winning over roxanne.With that determined we can also now see that Cyrano has something to gain out of helping out Christian.Another example in the text were this is shown is when Cyrano and Christian are sent to war and Cyrano promises Roxane Christian would write often.However Cyrano would end up writing so often that it drove Roxane crazy with love which led her to come to the battlefield.soon after she arrives she says,”It’s your fault im in danger: your letters made me lose reason!You’ve written so many of them in the last month,each more beautiful than the last.”(Rostan 184;4.8)

In this quote we can see that Cyrano had been writing letters to Roxane and that they were the reason she came out to the battlefield.She also say that each letter was better than the last showing that Cyrano was putting thought and effort into letters.This is important because it allows the reader to understand how carried away Cyrano has gotten when it came to writing letters and that he was putting his personal feelings into them due to the fact that he was using the letters as a gateway to express his love for Roxane discreetly.Cyrano’s actions are further highlighted by the fact that Christian was unaware how many letters were being sent without his consent and or knowledge.All of the information helps lead us to the realization that Cyranos action were not selfless and or nobel in fact it helps us lead to the conclusion that Cyrano was helping Christian inorder to feel as if he himself was winning Roxane’s love because he was to scared to pursue her himself and it also added as a front to allow him to confess his feelings to roxane without fear of being rejected.



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