Culture Differences Essay Example

Culture Differences Essay Example
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Preservation of one’s culture doesn’t define how they view everything in life. There’s a limit to where culture doesn’t influence your perspective, instead it’s your morals and thoughts. One’s culture can inform the way they view others and the world to the extent of education, travel, and independence developed from childhood to adulthood. 

In light of education, people allow themselves to open up their minds to new perspectives of others. Society naturally learns their culture because of their families and what they thought was ethical and morally right. However, growing up people get to know different  people, have experiences, and even learn about other cultures at school or through relationships; people having the understanding of others constructs their own opinions on how they view the world. For example, in the story ”Wind and Rain”(Klassen) it demonstrates how the young Japanese girl was accustomed to her culture and was intimidated by the American man. She was intimidated due to how her family portrayed the American culture to her growing up and how they were foreign and “weird”. At the end, she was able to experience and learn about the kindness of the American man. It taught the young girl to not judge people from different cultures without embracing and experiencing their culture. 

In addition, traveling helps communities understand people and other cultures. People from all different cultures are located everywhere in the world and the only way to connect with them is by traveling. For instance, in the story “Going to Japan” (Wonder 122) the girl feels out of place, but what she didn’t realize was that everyone in Japan was fascinated by  her as she was with them. After being afraid of not fitting in, she was thankful her flight got delayed because it gave her time to fully embrace the Japan culture. This demonstrates an example of how someone traveled to an unfamiliar place and at the end she understood the culture better and how the locals understood her culture.

Lastly, growing up we gain independence and it allows us to have our thoughts and evolve on how people view others and the world. Family influences our minds and perspective, but getting older and becoming your own person with your experiences causes us to have different opinions of our culture and others. To illustrate, “Bend it like Beckham” the girl goes against her parents wishes, and follows her passion to play soccer because unlike her parents she  sees nothing wrong with it. The girl grows up and evolves from her parents’ standards and opinions. Separating yourself from your family's expectations and being your own version of your culture affects how it can change your perspective of the world and others.

In brief, culture influences peoples’ perspective on the world but develops based on understanding, learning, and having their own thoughts. Although some may argue that culture defines your point of view of the world, it doesn’t restrict on broadening one’s horizons of the world. Society needs to educate themselves and  follow their own thoughts and opinions.


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