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Critical thinking has been around since the beginning of time. A good critical thinker will be rational, logical, able to use reason, and see things from another's perspective while maintaining their ability to analyze information and come up with a solid argument or solution. A good critical thinker will challenge authority and have all the information ready to win the issue or at a minimum make a valid point, also called, "take a stance."

Elements of Critical Thinking

Sally's job is an excellent example of someone who uses all the elements of critical thinking daily. She uses communication, analysis, problem-solving, evaluation, synthesis, and reflection, as these skills make up the elements of an excellent critical thinker. Although Sally was able to overcome the barrier of having a lack of knowledge to get the point across to her coworkers, ultimately, she made the right decision not to pursue the topic. What qualifies Sally as an excellent critical thinker is that she used reason, emotion, and communication successfully.

Reason, Emotion, and Communication

Sally shows reasoning when she decides she did not have enough information to dispute the friction in other departments. However, Sally's communication style was passive aggressive; she was avoiding conflict by not engaging in negative talk. If Sally did not agree with her colleagues, most likely, she should have put forth a well-informed argument. Furthermore, Sally did commit the fallacy of a hasty generalization when she decided to never go out with her coworkers. 

Fallacies and Argument

Sally’s, scenario presents a few fallacies, for example, when the customer shares "how the ability to print materials equated to his ability to put food on the table for his family,” the customer is committing the fallacy of an appeal to pity. Furthermore, when Sally's boss comments, "How can you be arguing for a change in policy when you are late to work most of the time.” She is committing the fallacy of ad-hominem by attacking her character. Extending the warranty for the printers is the main argument, and the argument is valid because the printer’s malfunction right after the warranty expires.


Finally, in closing, Critical thinking makes a difference in the workforce and daily life situations, and many people are not aware of the significance of critical thinking. Sally did show that she was an excellent critical thinker by using the elements of critical thinking such as problem-solving, and communication. Furthermore, Sally was able to show reason, emotion, and communicate to her customer and her boss productively and positively. Sally is an excellent critical thinker and a good employee.



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