The Crime Against Humans: The Holocaust Essay Example

People dying. Malnourishment and plagues getting spread. Children getting evaluated on.  This is just a few ways Jews perished in the Holocaust and it was all conducted by a roguish man named Adolf Hitler. This disquisition will be talking about the terrific events that happened in the Holocaust.  Hitler wrote a book about the killings of the jewish race“A propaganda tract “Mein Kampf” (my struggle), in which Hitler predicted a general European war  that would result in  “the extermination of the Jewish race  in Germany”(The Holocaust, Editors.)

This quote goes to show that when Hitler was younger or still in the making of becoming a leader Hitler still hated the Jewish race. Hitler  also wanted Germany or the Aryan race to be better or higher than any other race. Last Hitler thought that Jews were to blame since they lost World War One. “Hitler was obsessed with the idea of the superiority of the “pure” German race, which Hitler called “Aryan,” and with the need for “Lebensraum,” or living space, for that race to expand. Hitler wrote some of these quotes in a book when Hitler was in jail called “Mein Kampf”. Last but not least, Hitler wanted to rise the German empire and rule the whole world. There is one major reason he wanted the kill jews. One of them is because of how many Jews Hitler killed. Hitler killed more than 1 million during the Holocaust. 

What was the The Third Reich? was a movement that adolf hitler and the fuhrer (fury) made, it was an attempt to raise the german empire. One reason Hitler wanted to rise the German empire is that Hitler did not only kill Jews Hitler killed people that Hitler thought did not fit the species of human. Hitler wanted to rise to the top and rule more than just the German empire. Behind the barbed wire was like a whole different world “At Auschwitz alone, more than 2 million people were murdered in a process resembling a large-scale industrial operation.

A large population of Jewish and non-Jewish inmates worked in the labor camp there; though only Jews were gassed, thousands of others died of starvation or disease. During the summer of 1944, even as the events of D-Day (June 6, 1944) and a Soviet offensived”. Furthermore, this shows what they did and how they did not care who they killed or why they killed them. “In 1933, Jews in Germany numbered around 525,000, or only 1 percent of the total German population. During the next six years, Nazis undertook an “Aryanization” of Germany, dismissing non-Aryans from civil service, liquidating Jewish-owned businesses and stripping Jewish lawyers and doctors of their clients. Under the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, anyone with three or four Jewish grandparents was considered a Jew, while those with two Jewish grandparents were designated Mischlinge (half-breeds).”

This is showing that they were racial profiling people who they thought did not fit a German look. In most cases the Germans killed Jews and that was their main goal which was to be the highest rank in the made-up racial scale. Also, the ways they killed and got beat up was horrible and horrifying. Most people who were not strong or disabled were killed. They killed the blameless children and adults that have not  done anything.

All the children wanted to do is go to school and play but that changed when Hitler started the Holocaust. From the time Hitler became a supreme commander to the time Hitler died when Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker in 1945. The reason Hitler commit suicide was that the soviet union was headed to liberate the camps Hitler had set up the allied forces liberated most of the camps. And when the allied forces came and liberated the camps it came with a horrible sight of innocent people dead. And took a toll on history

The camps that were tremendously horrific and where not only where the jews terrified of what they saw, they were scared that they might die. Most of the camps were set up in Poland and in Germany, this was because Poland had no match for the upcoming SS and the German military. They had camps in Germany because they already owned and had an advantage of the land since it was there country. The Nazi’s went from having a few set up to a lot of them set up and they were running from 1941-1945 which is 1945 the allied forces won the war and liberated the camps.

If the Japanese did not bomb the united states the Holocaust would of kept on going, even though roughly only 1.1 million Jews died that was still enough to make a racial and horrific impact. From the time in 1941 the camps set up, the Nazis started to killed innocent people for no good reason. The reason was just to be a higher race and attempt to make the Third Reich a go.  Imagine what the Jewish people had to suffer just  because they were being blamed for a rumor Hitler spread, Jewish was to blame for the loss of World War Another way this was caused is not only by Hitler but by the fuhrer And there heinous ideas to take over the world and attempt to kill a whole entire race. An idea so large that could seem impossible was attempted and almost managed intel the united states interfered.

This paper talked about the terrific events that happened in the Holocaust. I talked about the Third Reich, what the Holocaust is and Hitler's thoughts. This is why nowadays in this world it would be hard to kill millions without getting noticed and it getting reported. This is why a tragic event like this one will not ever happen again.          


Editors, “The Holocaust.”, A&E Television Networks, 14 Oct. 2009,



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