The Consequences the United States Faced After the Korean War Essay Example

The Impact of the Korean war on America, The Korean war had a very big impact on the United States because it was another war that America was getting into right after the 70-80 million soldiers that died in world war II.This war was very important to America because this was war to stop the spread of communism as well to stop Russia from gaining more allies. This war did have a small boost on America's economy, however, it would not be enough to keep America from going deeper into debt.

The Cold war was a very scary war for the whole world because it was a period of tension between the two world power the United States and The Soviet Union. During this time period there were many series of war between the United States and nato vs the soviet union and the Warsaw Pact, however, there never was a war that directly put the United States against the soviet union, it was more of a clash of ideologies instead of over the death of someone or the idea of world domination. The United States and nato were democratic nations that wanted to stop the spread of communism to other countries because they could be there enemies on day, similar to the United States and nato,the soviet union and the Warsaw pact also wanted to gain more allies and not more enemies,however unlike the United States, they were communist countries and wanted to stop the spread of democratic. 

The History Background of Korea 

Korean was a colony of Japan for over 35 years and after the defeat of Japan in world war 2, Korea became a victim of the cold war and was divided into two countries communist north and democratic south. The Korean War started when North Korea invading South Korea at 4: oo am on June 25, 1950, With massive planning and help from there communist allies like the Soviet Union and China, there reversed a plan that would defeat South Korea within three days, not allowing the United States to take action. However the United States reaction to the Korean war was astonishing because the United States saw this an opportunity to declare war on communism, and with the backing of the united nations, they went into Korean to establish peace and to remove communist invader.

After Three years of a bloody and frustrating war, The battle of pork chop hill would be the last battle of the Korean war as the battle was taking place the United States, the united nations, the Chinese and North Korea were negotiating the Korean armistice agreement which would put an end to the Korean War. The Result of this three-year bloody war is that POW are allowed to stay where ever they want and south Korean gained 1500 extra square miles of territory and a 2 miles wide demilitarized zone was created and that still exist today. Fast Forward to today, South Korea is one of America's greatest allies and a very powerful democratic nation as well as the 11th ranked economy in the world, well North Korea is one America's greatest enemy and a communist government, however, according to resources, North Korea economy is 43 ranked in the world.  

Military Spending During the Korean War 

After the end of World war, 2 many soldiers were coming home after one of the most bloody wars in history, many of them after see their family for a short period of time were given the option to go to Korea to fight for there country, however it was stated in the draft at the time if a soldier who served in world war did not want to go to Korean he would not be forced. The Draft was calling for men who were between the ages of 18 and 35 for terms of duty averaging two years and in the end, 1.5 million men were draft and 1.3 million men volunteered. The American government at home were critics by many pacifist like Daniel Ernest Mcreynolds who argued that Korea is "one nation" that they should partitional after world war and he also said that unless the united state's pledges through the united nations that they will hold free elections, promote land reforms and help pleasant and worker and if they did not "our young men should not serve in the army, navy, and marines.

Due to ongoing tensions with the Soviet Union, US military spending was high prior to the Korean War, which further increased it. The cost of the Korean War in 1953 is $ 30 billion, equivalent to $ 341 billion in 2011. In the last years of war, annual war spending accounted for about 14.1% of GDP. About 34,000 Americans were killed in battle and another 2,800 died of illness or injury. The “Korean War GI Act” came into effect in 1952 and finally targeted at veterans from June 27, 1950, to February 1, 1955. It offers the same benefits as World War II. Invoices that include financial support for spending, education, mortgage, and corporate loan guarantees, unemployment compensation and job placement.

The Impact of the Korean war on the United States economy shows how the United States experience from 1950 to 1953 affected the United States economy. Even Though the cost of the Korean war was lower than that of world war 2, it still changed the structure of American economic growth for funding. The Korean war promoted GDP growth through government spending, which limited investment and consumption. Although the tax has been raised significantly to finance the war, the Fed has adopted an anti-inflation policy. Prices soared at the beginning of the war, but prices and wages management finally stabilized prices at the end of the war. Consumption and investment continue to increase after the war but fell below the prewar level.

The Thread of Communism 

Communism is something that American and many of western countries fear so they developed a strategy called containment which meant that America would aid any country in trying to contain communism, this policy was an international policy of the United States and its nations to stop the spread of communism in eastern Europe and many other eastern countries. With the ending of World war 2 two countries were divided into two parts, Germany which was divided into four part three of them being control by the United States, Great Britain and France which be democratic well the eastern side was given to Russia which would make it communist. Unlike Germany however, Korea which was another country that was divided after world war 2 was only divided into two sides, the north which would control by Russia and the south which would be controlled by the United States. When the ruler of the communist North Korean came up with a plan to invade democratic South Korea and take it over to unit the country in three days and was supported by Russia and China, United States however rushed to South Korea aid and help push out the North Korea forces back to the border, with this the Korean war went into a stalemate and ended with the Korean armistice agreement. In the end, United States and its allies fulfilled their policy of containment south Korean from being taken over by communist ideas.

After the Korean war, Russia had many other attempts to form other communist countries, however, just like in Korea, the United States and the united nations would stand in there way. Russia next target would Vietnam where there was a revolutionary happening to overthrow their past ruler France, after the United States declined there need of assistant because France was one of America's allies, Russia gave supply and resources to fight the french. The French would then ask America to help them in Vietnam where America would help the South Vietnamese fight the North Vietnamese, however after many years of fight America would have to leave the war, however would  continue to provided resources for the South Vietnamese,in the end the North Vietnamese would defeat the South Vietnamese and united the country under one communist government.



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