The Concepts I Learned During My English Classes Essay Example

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Over the past year, we have learned several different concepts in English using a variety of different methods. By using a variety of different methods it allowed us to retain more information. Some examples of different methods include quizzes, tests, worksheets, notes, and other assignments. In this essay, I am going to explain four different concepts that we learned this year, how we learned it, and how we will use it in our future. Therefore the concepts I choose are foreshadowing, the author's purpose, allusions, and tone and mood. 

The first concept that we learned this year is foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is when the author implies that something is going to happen later on in the story or future. One way we learned what foreshadowing is was by having notes that explained what it is and how to find examples of it in the text. One lesson that helped us with foreshadowing is the “Foreshadowing Focus Lesson.” In this lesson, we had to find where foreshadowing occurs in The Book Thief and explain what the author is indicating later on in the future. This activity allowed us to understand what foreshadowing is, how to find it in the text, and what it is hinting that might occur later on in the story. One way we might use foreshadowing in the future is, as we take more English classes in high school or college you will be required to read different books. By knowing what foreshadowing is, it will help us understand the text of harder books and will help us figure out what might occur later on in the story.

The next thing we learned this year is what the author's purpose is. The author's purpose is the reason why authors write what they do. They normally write to entertain, persuade, or inform. In order to learn this, we used many different USA Test Preps that contained questions about the author’s purpose. For example, we would read an essay or short story and they would ask us what the author's purpose is. We would then answer the question and choose the one that is correct. In the future, by knowing what the author's purpose is, it will help you write your own essay because you will need to be able to convey your essay correctly. For example, if you were writing a persuasive essay you would not want to entertain the reader. Instead, you would rather persuade the reader to join your cause. 

Another concept that we learned this year is allusions. Allusions are a casual reference to a famous historical event or literary figure. One way that we learned what allusions are, is by having notes that gave us examples that way we would understand what they are. We also practiced it by finding sentences that contained allusions using, “Flocabulary Module Allusion.” By knowing what allusions are, it will help us in the future when we write papers containing accurate allusions. When we create allusions in the papers we write, it will help the reader understand the text by referring it to an important thing that people understand. 

Finally, the last concept we learned this year is tone and mood. The tone is the writer attitude toward the subject. The mood is the atmosphere of the narrative which is considered the reader’s attitude towards the subject. One of the ways we learned what tone and mood are, was by completing “Flocabulary Module Tone and Mood,” and reviewing tone and mood with notes. By completing that assignment, it allowed us to obtain all the information needed to understand tone and mood. Tone and mood will help us in the future because it helps you understand the context of the book. Another way it will help is as you move different grades the text gets harder and by understanding tone and mood it will give you a generalized idea of what is going on. 

In conclusion, we have learned a variety of different concepts throughout the year that will benefit us later on in the future. In this essay, the four different concepts I explained are foreshadowing, the author’s purpose, allusions, and tone and mood. For these concepts, I explained that we learned it by using a variety of different methods that include quizzes, tests, worksheets, notes, and other assignments. Finally, the last concept that I explained was how we are going to use the concepts later on in life.



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