The Concept of Love in Romeo and Juliet Essay Example

The Concept of Love in Romeo and Juliet Essay Example
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In literature, love is a common topic and is the overall theme of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet are star crossed lovers with predetermined fates. Fate is defined as the developments beyond a person's control, that are predetermined by a supernatural force. Romeo and Juliet meet and fell in love with each in less than a day. Both Juliet and Romeo thought that they were meant to be together and wanted to stay together for the rest of their lives. Romeo and Juliet’s relationship develops rather quickly and they have the desire to get married not long after meeting.

Furthermore, Romeo considers Friar Laurence as a friend and a father figure. Friar Laurence was Romeo's advisor during all stages of his life, including when he was with Juliet. Friar Laurence attempted to tell Romoe it was not wise to get married after just one day of being together. Although Friar Laurence has concerns about marrying them he does so anyway because he thinks it may have a positive effect on the feud between their families. After the marriage events spiral out of control. All of these events occur without any interference from Friar Laurence. Without the death of Tybalt by Romeo, the banishment of Romeo, and Juliet’s forced marriage to Paris Romeo and Juliet would never have killed themselves.

Therefore, these events transpired without Friar Laurence without his interterventon. Moreover, Friar Laurence was not responsible for their deaths because Romeo and Juliet's fate was set in the sars, as they were star crossed lovers.  Friar Laurence is not guilty for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet because their deaths were already set, events spiraled out of control that Friar Laurence could not control, and he had the right the intentions to try and end the family feuds between the Montagues and Capulets. 

The feud between the Montague and Capulet family existed long before Romeo and Juliet were born. This feud is one of the main deterrents that Romeo and Juliet could not be together.“From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean” (Prologue, 3-4). This line from the prologue insinuates that from the start of the play their relationship is doomed. Furthermore, their feud caused many other issues in Verona, including unrest in the city.

Their disputes and fights blew so out of proportion that King escalus had to step in and stop them. Additionally, Romeo and Juliet’s families are also responsible for their deaths. Tybalt caused Romeo banishment from Verona. Romeo's banishment is the main reason for the issues caused by Romeo's banishment. If Romeo had not been banished from Verona Juliet would not have had to pretend to be dead. Also, Lord Capulet caused his daughter death when he agreed to let Count Paris marry her. If she was not to marry Paris then she could have waited for a sound plan. In these instances Friar Laurence did not have any interference with Romeo and Juliet meeting at the party,the banishment of Romeo, and Juliets betrothal to Paris. In these situations Friar Laurence attempted to assist them in their efforts to be together. 

Events that occur in Romeo and Juliet, spiral out of control. Friar Laurence carefully created his plan to help Romeo and Juliet. Although, the Friar was cautious with his plan the people who helped him carrier out the plan did not do their job. Also, may of the people who Romeo and Juliet came in contact with along the way made the situation worse. The matter started with Friar John. Friar John’s job was to deliver a letter from Friar Laurence.

The letter explained the plan, and that Juliet was not dead. If Romeo had received the letter he would not have believed his servant Balthazar who came to tell him Juliet was deceased. Balthazar was the one who came to Romeo to tell him that Juliet was dead. When he did this Romeo made up his mind about committing suicide to be with Juliet. On his way from Mantua to Verona, he stopped at an apothecary for poison. At this time Positions was not supposed to be sold to people, but Romeo was insistent on using poison to kill himself. It is possible that if he had not purchased the poison he might have been alive to see Juliet arouse. These events lead to Juliet's demise, after she find Romeo dead next to her. “O happy dagger, This is thy sheath. There rust, and let me die” (Act. 5 sc. 3 174-175). The excerpt “happy dagger” means that Juliet was pleased that when she died she would be able to be with Romeo. All of these events that lead up the deaths of Romeo and Juliet were beyond Friar Laurence control, and he did not intend for this to ossur. 

Romeo and Juliet are star crossed lovers. This means that it was fate that they would fall in love and be together. Fate is regarded as events beyond a person's control, which may have supernatural power. “A pair of star crossed lovers take their life” (Prologue, 6). This line explains that Romeo and Juliet were meant to be together from the start. Likewise, it also means that Romeo and Juliet were destined to take their lives from the start of the play. From the moment Romeo and Juliet meet they were in love.

In fact Romeo and Juliet were in so much love with each other that they were willing to do anything for each other including kill themselves. Due to these reasons Friar Laurence was not responsible for their deaths. Romeo and Juliet would have killed themselves at different points in the play. For example, Romeo wanted to kill himself after he was banished and Juliet felt the same way. If Friar Laurence had not stepped in to assist them either of them would have died for the other. Romeo and Juliet's rash decisions were fueled by blind love.  “You are a lover. Borrow Cupid’s wings And soar with them above a common bond” (Act 1 Sc. 4 line 17). This quote means that Romeo should be like Cupid and fall in love.. Romeo and Juliet are blinded by love and they do not see how impractical their situation was. When they got married they did not account for the issues that may come up between their families. The strife between their families and their own blaind love is the reason for their deaths, and not Friar Laurence.

Friar Laurence had the correct inventions throughout the play to help Romeo and Juliet. He is described as “a man of God” by Juliet. This means that he is aa trustworth good person who follows god. In addition to this he is a good friend of Romeo’s. Romeo goes to Friar Laurence’s chamber quite often for advice on life, and love. He carefully devised a plan for Romeo and Juliet to stay together. Friar Lawrence also wanted them to be together to try and ended the family feud between the Montagues and the Capulets, Romeo and Juliet's families.

Even though the Friar carefully devised his plan certain aspects of it were not executed properly. This lead to Romeo beliving Juliet was dead, and killing himself. Romeo and Juliet would have died for each other without the Friar's plan. During the course of the play they are facing constant obstacles that pull them apart. Their biggest obstacle is their families died and their families intervention. The feud lead to Romeo's banishment, and Juliet’s Betrothal to Pairs. Romeo and Juliet were fated to be together, and die for each other. This means that no matter what anyone did they were going to end up in love. This blind love also fated them to die. Friar Laurence is not guilty for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet for these reasons.


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