Comparative Analysis: White Lake versus Atlantic Beach

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  • Published: 28 April 2021
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Most college students wonder where to soak their feet when they can visit two appealing spots personally known. Now one can with two personally known favorite places. A beach right in Morehead City called Atlantic Beach that contains the laughter of children as they soak in the water. Another place recommended is White Lake where it's clear to as why one would get lost in the feeling of paradise. This essay will show the similarities and differences between White Lake and Atlantic Beach that will be discussed below starting with Atlantic Beach.

Atlantic Beach is located in Morehead City and is a popular place which makes it tough to find a parking space. It's an enormous area of impeccable white sand where the sun naturally warms up the sand surrounded by an ocean of blue water. It tends to usually stay packed on the weekends or with summer vacation so it's tough to find an empty spot near the ocean, but in the back of the beach is simple enough. Families are absorbed as they enjoy their time on the beach to enjoy themselves. What makes one feel troubled is the pipe that leads right into the ocean, which, in turn, pollutes the water further than it already has. However, no matter how appealing it is, it doesn't compare to White Lake by a long shot.

Imagine an appealing lake in a quiet little town, that's White Lake. It is a perfect place for a vacation due to multiple ways of attracting attention to such a location. There are multiple activities to do such as an arcade on the left coming from the lake, there's a mini carnival there, two mini go-cart areas, a mini putt-putt course, and a water park. The cabins there are lovely as they lay in the shade and are appealing to look at what makes one say that is what makes paradise possible.

Now, similarities are just as important as the differences. Atlantic Beach is saltwater while White Lake is freshwater. Atlantic Beach is usually overpopulated with, tough to find space on the beach, but White Lake is usually empty and spacious. Atlantic Beach is polluted due to the dumping in the ocean which makes it dreary, but White Lake is better due to it being classified as the resort tries to keep it clean and in turn, makes the water so clear. Atlantic Beach can be so loud due to multiple people during the day or night due to the waves crashing but White Lake is quiet due to not multiple people in the lake or no noise during the night due to the water usually not moving. 

This essay has shown why Atlantic Beach and White Lake was so different and also how they were the same. Some points left out on Atlantic Beach are the houses that can be bought for the summer if one wanted to stay, to the fact that the breeze that blows at night feels certainly excellent when it blows into one's face, and the water feels refreshing at night if one decided to take a dip. White Lake, however, offers so much that was not mentioned like the multiple restaurants one may visit, the stunning views to take pictures or the multiple different types of cabins each with their own individual style. However, the similarities are just as satisfying such as the quietness on both beach and lake with a nice breeze, the purchase of houses that one offers in the summer, or the fact that they are both attractions for multiple people who come for a vacation. Come on down to witness why these two spots are popular for vacation places and observe why people talk about it so much.



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