Community Service Essay Example

When did community service start? Who was the first person to start the idea of community service? The art of community service dates all the way back to the date of 1776 when the U.S. was founded. Benjamin Franklin was one of the many that helped the United States become independent, however Benjamin Franklin was the first to develop the first volunteer firehouse.

What is community service? Most say you do selfless work, without pay. As true as that is, the actual definition is voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area. Yes, community service is without pay because its work that is done to benefit the community. Why is community service important? As you help build up the community you are also building up yourself. Your building character by becoming a better person.

You practice on improving yourself as a person and as fellow community member. You also become a well-round person. Meaning, you will understand and have compassion towards certain situations. I have volunteered at my church since the summer of 2015, I have been with the Columbus Volunteer Fire Department since January 2017. I work with all kinds of people. With the church, I helped many people after the devastating storm that destroyed homes and left people with nothing. I went to an old high school and helped separate the clothes, give out personal hygiene products, give people bed covers, non-perishables, I have dealt with different kinds of people. In all this has taught me valuable life lessons.

Like the following; Don’t take nothing for granted. You only get one life. Live it. It doesn’t matter how old you get, you never too old to set another goal for yourself. This is my favorite saying yet, if you take life too seriously, you may never make it out alive. Community service is what makes determined and goal-oriented people want more out of life. It opens your eyes to what you can do for the community you live in. Rather, it is picking up garbage or setting up for a fundraiser. Every small thing helps. The projects that I would hope to see the club carry out would be volunteering at veteran event, visiting a retirement home, helping out a homeless shelter, host a fundraiser for the disabled. I would love to grow with the club and grow as a person. I would love the personal experience with the world around me.



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