Coffee Shop Essay Example

Coffee Shop Essay Example
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When you think of a coffee shop Starbucks or Dunkin most likely come to mind. There are countless of them in the world. Some are small, family-oriented businesses and some are much bigger than that with over 25,000 locations. Starbucks, Dunkin, and Tim Hortons are a few of the larger coffee chains. Then there are the smaller café businesses such as Angie’s Bakery and The Blend On Main. Out of all the coffee brands and shops, the most unrivaled ones always have polite customer service, affordable prices, and a wide variety of menus. If the coffee shop does not meet these requirements, then who would want to go there? 

A big make or break for a coffee shop is the customer service. Kind customer service means putting their needs over your own. Everyone has bad days but it is the employees' job to accommodate the customer's needs. If the staff is rude and unpleasant then no one will want to come back. The workers must know their products, understand problem-solving, and be polite and helpful to their patrons. This does not go unnoticed. It is a great start to a comfortable environment in the coffee shop. 

Many people go to a cafe to work or study. The shop must be a peaceful and relaxed workspace for them to be able to do this.  All the essentials must be included in the café such as comfortable seating, outlets for laptops, and nice music to help them work. The vibe of the coffee shop is what makes someone want to come back. Panera’s café is exemplary of this. They have plenty of singular tables for working but they also don’t exclude large groups of people. Starbucks and Dunkin are usually on top of all this too, but how much do the products cost? 

The coffee shop must be affordable. Your quick stop for coffee and breakfast can quickly add up. The average price for a small coffee is $3. This is without all of the special requests. You can get extra shots of espresso, flavored powder, flavored shots and syrup, cold foam, and many other options. These particular requests can turn your $3 coffee into a $5 coffee. You can also get a different size. Starbucks has four sizes: tall, grande, venti, and trenta. A tall coffee is $2.95 the next biggest size is $3.65. That is without all the add-ins and marked requests. On the contrary, Dunkin is a little cheaper but some may not like the taste as much as Starbucks. Dunkin’s small coffee is $1.59 and the medium is $1.89.  The prices of larger coffee chains don’t vary much from small coffee businesses. The Blend on Main is a family-oriented business in town. They only have two sizes and it’s a $2 difference from each size. If you like the taste of something, then maybe it is worth the extra cost. 

The greatest coffee shops have a wide menu with food choices for everyone. Some people are plant-based and some are dairy or gluten-free. The menu must include options for everyone. Starbucks is better known for its creative coffees and teas. Their refreshers are popular as well. If it is too late in the day for coffee or you are in the mood for something fruity and refreshing then this is a great choice. All of the drinks can be customized to anyone's liking such as dairy-free milk instead of real milk. Starbucks doesn’t have as many food options but they do have some. On the other hand, Dunkin has a large food and vegan menu which is interesting. They serve many different donuts as well as breakfast sandwiches and wraps. New eye-catching options happen frequently with this coffee shop. Small coffee businesses usually have fewer menu options. They are still trendy but a little different than larger coffee chains. They have more “special” menu items. Some shops sell special teas. Some sell ice cream and fruit smoothies. Big or small, the menu is key to a sustainable cafe. 

That covers the three necessities for a coffee shop. But there are so many other things that are helpful to the business. For instance, technology is very popular nowadays. Restaurants and stores have been coordinating technology into their business. Bigger coffee chains have now designed apps to make ordering food easier. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Dunkin all have mobile apps. These apps can be used to online order, find the location, and view the menu. It can also be used for rewards. You make an account and each time you make a purchase, you get rewards. This can give rewards such as “Free Beverage” or “Free Breakfast Sandwich.” This is so helpful in the long run because it can save a lot of money. The mobile app for Panera allows you to make a coffee subscription. Once subscribed the first three months are free. When the three months are over it then costs $9 a month. This is worth the unlimited coffee and tea, any flavor. It isn’t a necessity, but it is a benefit. 

In conclusion, every café is different. Some thrive and some are just mediocre. The difference between the two refers back to what was expressed in the beginning. A successful coffee shop must include polite customer service, affordable prices, and a wide variety menu. These three main points are needed for the business to stay stable, but the extra benefits are what differentiate the coffee shops from one another. 

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