Clinical and Preventive Services. The Pet Essay Example

Clinical and Preventive Services. The Pet Essay Example
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

Pets are humanity’s blessing. They are the only ones that can unconditionally support us, reduce our stress levels, increase our social interactions, and simultaneously contribute to our self-esteem. The veterinarians working at Pawndr’s will understand how important our patients are to your family and will assure that thorough care is provided. The clinical services that we will cover are surgeries, laser surgeries, dental procedures, and digital radiography. For surgeries and laser surgeries, our addition of the digital vital sign monitoring systems will help tremendously.

This type of technology incorporates the examination of electrocardiography, non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, Capnography, and temperature. Built-in anesthetic devices and body heaters in both these categories will help us ensure the protection of your pet during an anesthetic. Dental procedures will always be performed with multi-speed handpieces, an ultrasonic seal, a wet/dry tray, and dental x-ray devices. Our digital radiography has more advantages as opposed to traditional radiography because it includes enhanced visual quality, enlargement capabilities, computer improvements, and it is environmentally friendly. Pawndr’s preventive services will include routine examinations, diagnostic testing, vaccinations, heartworm/flea medicine, and deworming. All of these improve the superiority of life for your pet.

Grooming and Provision of Drugs

There are plenty of perks to having your pet groomed.  Not only is it beneficial for your pet, but also for you.  With the appropriate cleaning given at Pawndr’s, you will be able to remove ticks, fleas, shedding, rashes, and other possible health conditions that you may have had no idea about.  Most owners tend to forget that this process can also positively impact their pets’ mental state and hence their behaviour. 


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