Chinese Culture Essay Example

Chinese Culture is a holiday to bring people together and everyone came to celebrate it together with the other culture. Chinese Culture is important to Chinese people because it brings people together. For example, some people celebrate Chinese New Year near my neighborhood when they do fireworks. That means people are interested in celebrating chinese New Year. It doesn’t matter if they are from different countries. When our school gives the chinese student permission to write a letter to the principal for a day off.

In our culture everyone is welcome to come into our country and have the opportunity to learn about culture. The evidence from the story that I have found is  Bartholomae “ We have been taught to enjoy equal opportunity, equal protection under law, and an equal chance at economic success.” Chinese holidays and Christmas or Thanksgiving. All of this culture can be celebrated together and  have the opportunity to learn about other cultures.That means it doesn’t matter what country you are from? Everyone can celebrate any of the cultures they found interesting or the different people love to hear. In my culture many of the chinese believe in God and pray for them to have good luck or happiness.  

From research I know that Chinese parents are way too pushy than American parents. My mother is a pushy person and I don’t like it. She alway wants me to be the best and compares me with someone. It's like I am controlled by my mother. In China most mothers are way too pushy and ignorant of their daughter or son's feelings. She alway asked me to do the chores when I was doing my work or expect me to do better than other people that she knows. “This is how you sweep the house.” The mother gives her a life example of how hard to be a mother. I just like the girl in the story that the girl doesn’t have any freedom and was controlled by her mother. But for Americans they don’t have any chores to do and they have much more freedom than us. Is it just not fair that the American can do whatever they do? Both of my gender and culture affects my ability to choose my own life.

My behavior or attitude affect my race and gender. This affects my race because I know a lot of chinese people are shy and I’m an outgoing person out there. Also the reason it affects my gender is because most outgoing people I know are boys and this could say that I have a boy behavior. I think that's true because my mother alway said I look like a boy. But then when I get older I do look like a girl but with boy attitude and behavior. One time in art class someone said I am a american person or spanish. It really shocked me that this person doesn’t guess that I am chinese. I don’t fit into any cultural expectation. This is why I can’t define who I am. 

My gender affects the way I think of myself. Sometimes I act like a girl and boy. It makes me think which gender am I? It is just too confusing to identify your gender. For a girl when you grow up you need to do the chores or cooking and for a man they have to go to work. The way I dress changes who I am because I am a person who doesn’t like to dress good or wear makeup. It's just like you need to change into a different person to just fit into the society group. But in today society it is different because man and woman or equal share. Chinese culture there are still some people expect girls to wear dresses and makeup for special gatherings. In my opinion people can wear whatever they want that feel comfortable. They shouldn’t care what others or their culture expect them to wear. 

My behavior/attitude and choices affect my race and gender. My mother said I look like a boy ever since I was little. But now I know my gender is girl. I feel like girls don't have any choice of what they are wearing or dressing because there alway someone telling you how to wear it, for example like my mother. She alway judges how I wear it. I can wear anything I want, it's my choice not her as long as I’m happy and comfortable with wearing it. I enjoy being an outgoing person. Some people may not like that I am outgoing because they think it weird for a girl to be outgoing. I don’t care what they say about me and I’m happy being an outgoing person.

Both culture and gender are most important to your identity. I think because they both represent your different behavior toward others and think who you are? Gender is something that changes someone's attitude from home or the community they live in. In other word Gender is shaped by culture.  Culture is another way to define personality identity that means culture gets to choose you to be women or men. 



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