Chief Financial Officer Cover Letter Example

I'm am a driven, passionate, and creative problem solver who is always seeking new ways to challenge myself and learn regardless of title or industry.  In my career, I have led and served both big business and small, in both finance and operations, and have top tier degrees (MS Engineering, EMBA) in both fields, so I deeply understand how different functions impact each other, creating both a positive tension and collaboration to drive positive change. 

For the last two years, while working to successfully exit my own SaaS PSA (ERP light) startup for the hemp industry and supporting my family through the impact of Covid to their lives, I’ve been working as a fractional CFO for several small to medium sized companies. With several clients, each in a unique position, I experienced a lot very quickly.  In each case focused on improving their understanding of their financial position, process, and controls.  I was variously able to help these companies raise capital, improve debt position, understand how their assumptions and limitations impacted their strategic and financial forecast, how to deploy cash more effectively, how to reduce working capital within their supply chain, how to mitigate risk through insurance and contract negotiation, how to prepare for either acquisition or being acquired, and more.  As a true “servant leader” in the most literal sense, I was able to apply a range of skills to vastly different companies’ culture, business model, and goals.

I feel that I would be a good cultural fit and I would enjoy the chance to work at a single company again.   I'm excited about the opportunity to work for a company that truly understands the value of people and supports small business and in a role where I could really integrate myself fully into a larger team and help manage the natural cycles of business, both good and bad, over the long haul.  The chance to work with a more senior CFO from whom I can learn is a major benefit.  

If you agree that this potentially a good fit, and I sincerely hope you do, then I look forward to meeting soon, so that I may answer any questions, and learn more about the future of BAC.



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