Character Traits Essay Example: Charm

Charm and wit are both great ways to get what you want; wit, however, can be irritating. When you charm someone you make them feel special. With wit you usually make them feel dreadful and discouraged. 

Charm is usually practiced by kind people, the kind of people that fly under the radar. When you charm someone you are usually looking for something in return. When you’re about to ask for a favor first you will compliment them; you will put them in a good mood, so they will do whatever it is you’re about to ask. When wit comes into play, you have to be careful, it’s tricky. When you use wit you’re usually putting someone down. The people who use wit instead of charm are the ones who were already on top. They already know that they will get you to do what they want. Putting you down and making you feel bad, just makes them more powerful. 

Being charmed makes you feel great. You feel as if you mean a lot to the person that is about to ask you for something. We like to think we can tell when we’re being buttered up for a favor; however, most of the time we just want to believe that the person thinks all these things about us. Everyone loves to hear they are handsome or beautiful. It is in our human nature to want to be loved, so someone figured that out one day and used it to their advantage. When wit is used, you know you are about to make someone feel bad about themselves. Depending on what was said you could feel a variety of emotions, none of them kind, however. Wit is normally used to insult you, whether that means to insult your intelligence, or your appearance, or whatever else can be insulted. You are most likely going to be left feeling dumb and very bad about yourself. Wit is mostly showing off your sharpness of mind. It’s the classic high school girl arguments we see on television where the two keep snapping back at each other until one is in tears. 

Speaking of arguments, charm probably isn’t your best argument unless the other person has a weapon. Charming someone in an argument is good for stopping it, but not for winning it. In saying that I normally choose charm in arguments. I hate arguing so I just try to get it over with as soon as possible. Charming someone, while you two are arguing, will make them forget what you’re arguing about and be happy. To win an argument you use your wit. You have to be quick. You have to snap back to win. Wit helps you when you tear someone down. When you’re going up against a witty person you have to be better. You have to be quicker, and wittier. Being witty in an argument you have to commit to it. You can go from charming to witty, but you can not do it the other way around. 

Charm is usually your best option. You want to do your best to not tear anyone down, even if you are using them to do things for you. Charm is a beautiful lie, while wit is an ugly truth. At the end of the day, they work just as well as the other as long as you know how to use them.



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