This Changes Everything Book Report Essay Example

This Changes Everything Book Report Essay Example
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📌Published: 03 September 2020

This Changes Everything is a great book for teenagers to read. It talks about teens' relationships with the Lord and how to fix life problems faithfully. It shows scripture, how to be a positive person, and so much more. I am going to share some of the things that stood out to me the most. A quote that stood out to me the most in chapter 1 is “We hear the blood-stained stories of Christians in China and North Korea and The Middle East who are tortured and murdered for Jesus everyday.” I think this stood out to me the mlst is because us people that live in the West don’t have to go through that. We are allowed to go out in public and read our Bible, pray, and witness other people without getting tortured. I think that it's just so sad and messed up.

In chapter 2 the thing that stood out to me the most is “He never had a beginning, and he will never have an end.” I like this because it is talking about God and how he will always be there and he always has because God wasn't born he was just there. I think that that is so cool God literally spoke things into existence. In chapter 3 something i really liked and would take as advice was when it said “Acceptable service isn’t just what you do; it’s why and how you do it.” I really liked this because your service is acceptable but you shouldn't just be doing service for the reward you have to think are you doing this to help or just get your reward for doing it. You should do things positively, faithfully, and be a kind person in general.  

In chapter 4 I thought that this quote stood out “When we're embarrassed to share the gospel we are embarrassed of Jesus.” I think that this is something that is so relatable because some teens don’t want to have conversations with their friends or people about the Lord because it isn’t going to interest them or their friends. Teens want to be known as a cool or they don’t want people to think they are weird. I'm not saying all teens are like this but sometimes the Lord isn’t something normally brought up in conversations with friends. 

In chapter 5 “I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways.” This stood out to me. I liked this because it is saying that I will follow you Lord and listen to your rules and I will try my best to not disobey.  

What stood out to me in chapter  6 is “We will inescapably keep learning and growing and growing and learning,on and on, forever.” I liked this because it reminded me that when we get older we are going to face new problems, make new friends, learn new things, move on, etc… I think that is an important thing to remember because we don’t want to get too full of ourselves at times and we will always need to know something that we never did. 

In chapter 7, I really liked the quote “ We live in an idolatrous age, and God’s word demands that our lives be different from those around us.” This stood out to me because I feel it is saying in teenagers' times we all look at  these models in magazines and wish we could be them and we get distracted by looking up to people and wanting everything they have. This is something a lot of people in general go through and I personally think it can become a heavy topic to talk about.  In chapter 8 what stood out to me the most was “The gospel transforms our relationships by giving us one purpose in them: to become more like Christ.”  I like this because in relationships we get taught to be that kind, caring , mindful, and respectful friend as if Jesus was to treat us he would treat us the same way.  This is what I found interesting to me in each chapter.


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