The Change in Food Production During the Neolithic Revolution

What can the revolutionizing of food do for a civilization? Before the Neolithic Revolution, there was the Paleolithic Era this was a time where people had no knowledge of farming or domesticating animals. During the Paleolithic Era people were nomads and were very simple when it came to innovations such as stone tools. Also people had not figured different methods of getting food besides hunting and gathering. In a time so simple for people to be able to survive a change was needed. In 10,000 B.C the Neolithic revolution had started and people  were starting to revolutionize food as a whole making it easily accessible. The food production changed dramatically because people figured out how to farm and how to domesticate animals.

How did the food production change during the Neolithic Revolution? As I previously the food production changed because people figured out how to farm and how to domesticate animals. The people of the time first discovered farming in 10,000 B.C after they had harvested wild grains and then scattered the spare grain realizing that they could grow their own grain. Also around this same time people had figured out that they could tame animals and keep them for meat instead of having to hunt for everything. These two revolutions completely changed the way of life during this time period, with food being able to be produced it allowed for civilizations to grow from 20-30 people to 1,000-6,000 people. Also, when food production was at an all time high it allowed for people to trade creating relationships and a sense of community,but it also changed the household roles causing women to take a back seat to men.

In conclusion the Neolithic Revolution completely changed the way food was produced and maintained. During the neolithic revolution people discovered how to grow food and domesticate animals. This then allowed for communities to grow and thrive while changing the gender roles of the time.



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