Cause and Effect Essay on Smoking E-cigarettes and Vapes

Cause and Effect Essay on Smoking E-cigarettes and Vapes
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📌Published: 17 March 2021

Vaping has been the new alternative to smoking the past few years and now the health issues are coming in. Vaping can cause long term health issues such as Popcorn lungs, there have been 6 total deaths of vaping and the side effects are coming in, some of the causes of these deaths are unknown but the electronic cigarettes are a big factor. The dangers of these e-cigarettes are only getting more dangerous as we learn more about them. Nicotine is always a red flag for any substance as it is addictive and can start addictions in a normal vape there is 0.7ML by 3.00% by weight of nicotine in them according to the product manufacturer these sizes can vary.

So what makes it so attractive to teenagers?, the nicotine inside of the JUUL is what makes it so addictive as so other products with nicotine in it. But what makes this product so addictive to teenagers?, the huge part that makes this so addictive is the flavors and variety of choices that attract young people to it such as flavors like (mango, strawberry, mint, etc). The popularity of the hazard product has skyrocketed over the past 2 years and with it comes the dangers.”Vaping 'pumps' cancer-causing substances into the lungs. E-cigarettes have gained popularity as a "safer," and increasingly more fashionable, alternative to traditional cigarettes. ... Experts warn that vaping causes e-cigarette users to inhale dangerous quantities of cancer-causing substances” said Jasmin collier.

The damages to your lungs and health problems from vaping are not yet known because it's so new, but here are a few things that it can affect - birth effects, lung cancer, and shorter life expectancy.

“In California, the Department of Public Health has identified 70 potential cases since late June. One vaping-related death took place in Los Angeles County, and at least 15 people have been hospitalized in the LA area, according to the county’s public health department. Two-thirds of those cases were vapers age 25 and younger” - Brooke Staggs. A vaper can kill the cells that line the airway, You can develop COPD is also known as (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Nicotine is a bad substance, it raises your blood pressure and spikes your adrenaline, which increases your heart rate, which increases your chance of having a heart attack. Last month 27 patients from Illinois were hospitalized for an unknown respiratory illness, last month one of those patients died and more than 200 cases have been reported from 24 other states from last week.

The endless effects of vaping are still as dangerous as smoking, therefore, it's not safer. The more people Juul could re-normalize smoking, which has been on the decline for years, doing this would be catastrophic and if vaping does end up affecting birth control when inhaling toxic chemicals and this would lead to more birth defects possibly. Another reason people think vaping is a healthier option than smoking is that smoking would cause more diseases, but because vaping and smoking has the same toxic chemicals in them, the chances of you getting a disease from vaping are almost as likely as smoking.

If the percentage of people vaping keeps going up we will have even more deaths, this could potentially keep growing and more and more deaths will keep happening. The future could be in bad hands, right now 7 have died so if this keeps going it will keep increasing, the more side effects will keep coming in 1.5384615384615385% of people who vape have died so far and if you keep vaping that will cause more health problems and that percentage will keep going up. Another negative effect vaping has, is that it can draw you to other nicotine products “a 2015 study shows that for 2000 adults who used vaping to stop smoking, more than 160,000 teenagers and young adults made the transition in the opposite direction”- Sam Macarthur.

In summary vaping is very bad for your lungs as it inhales toxic chemicals into your body, It can blow up in your face you can die from it and it's a bad choice. As we learn more about this the more damage it takes will come more and more, these products come out all the time so don't be lured into a neverending trap that will get you hooked! My question to you is, how can you make a change and prevent it?


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